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Aug 13, 2008 10:57 AM

Craftsteak or should I say coolsteak?

The wife and I tried Craftsteak twice during out last visit to Las Vegas. Both times we ate at the bar. Not because the restaurant was crowded but because we prefer the bar atmosphere. We can share a steak without feeling pressured to order 2 entrees, no need for advance reservations, etc.

On both visits we shared the Wagyu Beef Tartare for appetizer which was excellent. And both times we shared the grilled 16oz NY strip cooked MR with a side of Fried Zucchini Blossoms. We werent being rushed, service was friendly and excellent but on both occassions the steak arrived cool to luke warm. It still tasted great but I cant for the life of me figure out if this was on purpose or not. Maybe their big into letting the meat rest or something? Anyway, no we didnt say anything. Wasnt that a big of a deal. Just found it odd.

Interestingly enough after having been to most of the major steakhouses in Las Vegas ( Craftsteak, Prime, SW Steakhouse, Delmonicos, Stripsteak, DB Brasserie) this last visit we tried Cut. It was one of our favorites to date.

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  1. thanks for the review..... i'm still trying to decide between CUT and Craftsteak for our Steak Night during our anniversary trip.... It's been agonizing narrowing down our 6 dinners/ 7 lunches in Vegas ---- MUST MAKE THE PERFECT CHOICES!!!! any thoughts on Rosemary's????

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        I had dinner at CUT on Monday night (Aug 11th). The meal was average at best. The apps were O.K. but I was a little disappointed with my Ribeye. It looked impressive but tasted just O.K.. This could be because it was wet aged and not dry aged. Either way I definitely recommend Craftsteak. I visited the NY location recently and had an outstanding meal. (Also visited the LV outpost three years ago and enjoyed that visit as well).
        For lunch (or dinner) I recommend Sensi at the Bellagio. I had an $85 credit to use at Sensi through a promotion from my Amex Platinum card; otherwise we would not have dined there. I thought our meal was excellent. The menu is interesting. Everything we ate we enjoyed (Sashimi App, Lobster tempura salad and a curry chicken dish from a tandoori oven.) Also, it's a very relaxing and quiet restaurant which is a nice change of pace from the noisy casino just outside it's front door.

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          I beg to differ on Sensi. The menu is a disjointed mishmash and the execution of the dishes, at least at the one meal we had there last year, was disappointing at best. The room's pretty though.

          OTOH, we thoroughly enjoyed our recent (late June) dinner at CUT. The biggest problem was our own doing - we overordered - just as we had at CUT in Beverly Hills. Though we shared a steak, one of the 35-day ones, we still had too many sides. The food is quite rich. Everything was absolutely delicious and it was also amusing to sit next to a middle aged fellow with his much younger "date" who was wearing the shortest shorts and the highest heels I've ever seen in public.

          Also a big fan of Craftsteak, and looking forward to the summer special two weeks from tonight.

      2. awesome thanks!! Do you know if the MGM restaurants offer midweek deals throughou the year, or just summer??? I'm planning dinners at Nobhill and possibly Craftsteak, and wonder if i should wait and do those on a week night for a special??? Otherwise, the regular tasting menu appeals to me at Nobhill. The summer special for Craftsteak looks great, but i won't be there until September, not sure if the offer anything then....

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          I wouldn't wait for any specials after the MGM summer specials expire at the end of August. I've never seen any, and we've been dining at the MGM restaurants for several years, mostly midweek but weekends too. However this is the worst the economy's been since we started visiting Vegas regularly. If you're staying there and you book through regular MGM reservations online they usually have a promo that includes a $25 dining credit which is good at most but not all of the restaurants there. That'll buy you a couple of cocktails. They take the $25 off your bill when you check out.

        2. To address your original question--my motto: Hot food hot. I can't stand when food comes lukewarm. There is no excuse for this and I will send the food back.