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Labor Day weekend in Annapolis MD

Hey all.

I'm planning to visit Annapolis this coming labor day weekend. We are staying there from Friday-Monday. I am looking for some food suggestions for that weekend.

I thought about taking a food tour while we are there: http://www.zerve.com/CapCityCol/Food/...

something i found: Buddys: http://www.buddysannap.com/buddysrest...

I am looking for some cheap eats along with some finer establishments for a nice dinner one night.

Thanks ahead of time!

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  1. Do a search on Annapolis dining on this board. There have been numerous postings in the last six months with some good advice.

    And some of that good advice is -- avoid Buddy's at all costs!

    Enjoy your stay -- an Annapolitan Chowhound

    1. I'll second bordeauxfan... this topic has been hashed to death. If you want specific recommendations for type of food, location, price point, then maybe ask but I think you can find all you want to know on former posts.

      And do not under any circumstance to go Buddy's.

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        West End has a really refreshing menu. It has become a new fav. with us.

      2. don't waste your time or $$ at Buddy's.. it's the absolute epitome of tourist traps. Just search for it here on the BB for more opinions

        1. What type of food are you looking for? While I find Annapolis a difficult place to find great fine dining, there are some decent options for cheap eats if you're looking for lunch. I like El Paraiso, which is just a drive down West St. It'll show you a different side of Annapolis, but it's some of the best Salvadorean food that I've ever had. A little more pricey (but again not extravagent) you can check out Paul's Homewood Cafe, The Main Ingredient (especially for Brunch or Dessert), and the Back Porch at Ken's Creative Kitchen. If you're following this, you'll notice that none of these are in the historic district, which for the most part, has pitiful overpriced food. Again, for a casual meal, you can talk a walk across the bridge to Eastport and have a pretty good meal at the Boatyard Bar and Grill. Just don't expect to blown away by anything in Annapolis.

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            And don't waste your fine dining dollars at Wild Orchid. Really bad service and an owner that isn't interested in customers....

          2. Don't go to Buddy's (did you get that yet)?

            For finer dining, try the new Carpaccio on West st at park Place. It is excellent. Great service and great food. Great scene, not overpriced and a respectable wine list. Fado is right next door for hitting the bar afterwards if you so desire.

            I disagree with everything the reader said about the Wild Orchid. I have had nothing but great experiences there, and the management and owners have been hands on and attentive whenever I have been there. They have a great prix-fixe menu, where, for around $30, you can have a phenomenal 4 course meal. They strive for local food as well, so if that is important to you, go there.

            The best cheap eats in town are at Davis' Pub, at 400 Chester Ave, great burgers and crab cakes, cold beers, outside dining and a very local atmosphere. Although not well known, their mexican specials are always fantastic as well, as they are made by the kitchen staff and usually stem from what they want to eat that day.

            If you get an ice cream, get it from Annapolis Ice Cream company - locally made and delicious. Gelato from Aromi d'italia. Storm Brothers is just hersheys ice cream and a long line for nothing special, skip it.

            The best Sunday brunch is at Carrol's Creek - waterfront deck overlooking the harbour and a buffet that is loaded with things that you actually want to eat, and that taste great! (unlike so many brunch buffets).

            If you want crabs and don't want to leave the city, go to Phillips. But better prices can be found at outerlying places like Mike's on the South River or harris' across the Bay Bridge.

            If you want to get out on the water, you can pickup a to go lunch from the Leeward Market (corner of Chester and Second in Eastport - try their amazing lobster salad or the peruvian chicken wrap) and rent canoes from Annapolis Canoe and Kayak, just down the street on Severn.

            Sunday morning between 7 and noon, there is a farmers market at City Dock.

            have fun, pick up the Capital's Friday paper for a comprehensive entertainment section of the music and other things happening around town. Annapolis is well known for its great music scene, so you don't want to miss that.

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              No! Do not go to Phillips - ugh - please don't! I have been living in this area since I was 6 months old and worked in several restaurants during my high school and college days (met my husband in one famous spot) and would highly recommend against Phillips! It's a cookie cutter approach to MD cuisine and you will be surrounded by tourists. If you have to eat hard shell crabs, you would be better off trying Cantlers, harris' or Mikes as mdsailor suggests. Just don't have crabs at all in town and opt for crab cakes instead if you have to stay local.

              With that said mdsailor raises some good points that I heartily agree with including checking out the Sunday market - good call and a very mingling with locals activity. Totally agree about the ice cream and gelato - great suggestions!

              Not sure about Carrolls though for brunch. I've had brunch just about everywhere in town, and I'm not really bowled over by anything, but for the view, you might try the aforementioned Ken's Creative Kitchen - Back Porch. Nice breeze off the water there and decent food. I worked the brunch scene and they are all the same in Annapolis everybody serves a crab cake benedict. Harry Brownes on State Circle has a mini buffet that isn't bad and I've actually enjoyed the peace and lovely view at Yellowfin on the South River. Not making any headlines for great food, but ambience is not usually a problem.

              How about Boatyard for casual dining? Again, not a culinary masterpiece, but that's where we go when we need a casual, inexpensive bite and don't want to do a chain.

              Enjoy your trip!

            2. thanks everybody.

              we are not going to buddys anymore!

              1. Try Domenica's, on rt 2, near Whole foods, next to Chevy's. Excellent Italian upscale, and delicious fish. Tried it last night and loved it.

                1. For very good ( not southern) Italian try Osteria (upscale lunch or dinner) on Main. Maria's on the dock has the best Southern Itailatian.Tsunami on West has good sushi. Galway Bay on maryland is a classic irish bar and the lamb stew is great (more of a winter thing I know). They have a traditional Irish menu. For lunch the Great Potato on State Circle serves stuffed baked potatoes ( I like the southwestern). Stay away from Chick and Ruth's unless its just to get a milk shake. The best bar for my money is outside at the Sly Fox on Church Circle. The sandwiches are not bad either. Davis is good for bar stuff in Eastport and the best seafood in town is at O'Leary's (dinner) in eastport. If a steak house with seafood is your thing Lewnes' in Eastport (dinner) is a family owned one of a kind spot that gives the big boys a run for their high dollar beef ( some people say they use too much garlic so check) For crabs get directions to Cantler's its about 20 minutes out of town but its on the water and you get to know what Chesapeake living is all about.

                  1. Hope this isn't too late. I live in Annapolis and have some thoughts.

                    Jaleopenos has excellent spanish and mexican food- wonderful service, sangria and tapas. In the Parole area of Annapolis.

                    Las Delicias is on Bestgate, and would be a good place for an affordable meal with excellent quality ingredients. An open kitchen in a hole-in-the wall location in a strip mall.

                    Really inexpensive- Chipotle at the mall.

                    Paul's is very good. The desserts, like the layer cakes, are to die for. And parking in the back.

                    India's on West Street has wonderful food, and a fun weekday lunch buffet.

                    If you really want crabcakes, steamed crabs, etc. go to Annapolis Seafood on Forest Drive and get a carryout platter or bag. They have the best seafood around, and at prices much less than what you are going to sit down at a restaurant and get. They will cook crabcakes from the case in their kitchen, and they are truly some of the best I have ever had...along with both kinds of crab soup, etc. You might even be able to make yourself a fun picnic with what you can carry out.

                    Have a great weekend!

                    My votes against:
                    Wild Orchid- agree that the service is HORRIBLE.
                    Buddys- no thanks.

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                      I like Las Delicias as well, but sometimes their food seems underseasoned. I think El Paraiso does Salvadorean food even better, although I prefer the atmosphere at Las Delicias (El Paraiso is far more hole-in-the-wall).

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                        You're right on the money as far as Jalapenos is concerned!! I've known Gonzalo Fernandes (the owner) for years, the service is impeccable, the paella is to die for as are the Tomales del Norte
                        but for crabs (no good today but for future reference) look up harriscrabhouse over at Kent Narrows. Monday through thursdays they have all you can eat crab feasts, very reasonable, and very reliable. jccampb