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Aug 13, 2008 10:41 AM

Labor Day weekend in Annapolis MD

Hey all.

I'm planning to visit Annapolis this coming labor day weekend. We are staying there from Friday-Monday. I am looking for some food suggestions for that weekend.

I thought about taking a food tour while we are there:

something i found: Buddys:

I am looking for some cheap eats along with some finer establishments for a nice dinner one night.

Thanks ahead of time!

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  1. Do a search on Annapolis dining on this board. There have been numerous postings in the last six months with some good advice.

    And some of that good advice is -- avoid Buddy's at all costs!

    Enjoy your stay -- an Annapolitan Chowhound

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I'll second bordeauxfan... this topic has been hashed to death. If you want specific recommendations for type of food, location, price point, then maybe ask but I think you can find all you want to know on former posts.

        And do not under any circumstance to go Buddy's.

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          West End has a really refreshing menu. It has become a new fav. with us.

        2. don't waste your time or $$ at Buddy's.. it's the absolute epitome of tourist traps. Just search for it here on the BB for more opinions

          1. What type of food are you looking for? While I find Annapolis a difficult place to find great fine dining, there are some decent options for cheap eats if you're looking for lunch. I like El Paraiso, which is just a drive down West St. It'll show you a different side of Annapolis, but it's some of the best Salvadorean food that I've ever had. A little more pricey (but again not extravagent) you can check out Paul's Homewood Cafe, The Main Ingredient (especially for Brunch or Dessert), and the Back Porch at Ken's Creative Kitchen. If you're following this, you'll notice that none of these are in the historic district, which for the most part, has pitiful overpriced food. Again, for a casual meal, you can talk a walk across the bridge to Eastport and have a pretty good meal at the Boatyard Bar and Grill. Just don't expect to blown away by anything in Annapolis.

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              And don't waste your fine dining dollars at Wild Orchid. Really bad service and an owner that isn't interested in customers....