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Aug 13, 2008 10:39 AM

Peniche - WOW!

Some friends and I went to Peniche in White Plains last night ~ a first for allof us. The friendly (and helpful) staff were very pleasant. The chef even wandered over to our table and spoke to us about "true" tapas and recommended several dishes. We tried and enjoyed the sausage and cheeses and the potato omelet - which reminded me of my moms scalloped potatoes. The skirt steak was great, the shrimp and hot chili oil was really delicious and the red snapper - oh my gosh!!! WOW!!! Oh, and not to mention the wed wine Sangria ~ so refreshing and delicious. Peniche's delicious food and welcoming decor beckons you to stay a little longer - wish we could have.

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  1. Hopefully you didn't miss the flaming chorizo and pork sliders, as well as the sangria!

    1. They definitely know their stuff. They just started a happy hour on Fridays too. 1/2 price drinks and free appetizers from 5-7pm. Can't go wrong!

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      1. re: Tones

        is happy hour only on friday or monday through friday?

      2. Peniche has been consistently great since they opened - always my go-to place. Glad to hear you enjoyed it

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        1. re: wpfoodie

          sounds like it is well worth a trip!