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Uses for dried Cherries (not just baked goods)

Anyone have recipes that use dried cherries? I brought some back with me from MI and I'd like to do something with them. I know I can put them in baked goods just like raisins but I'd like something a little different.


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  1. You can rehydrate them a tasty liquor (brandy, amaretto, etc.) and make a chunky cherry sauce/topping for pork loin (or a stuffing for a roulade), or a summery fruity dressing for salads.

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      second the pork sauce idea. I simmer mine in port with a splash of balsamic-also works well with dried figs

    2. I soak them in port then make a reduction sauce for duck breasts. I use thyme, rosemary and orange zest rubbed on the breast saute, skin side down, then flip. remove duck when cooked, skim (and save!) most of the fat, then add shallots and saute, then the cherries and soaking liquid and reduce. I may add broth, more herbs, butter to finish. You could use red wine or other liquors, of course.

      1. I throw them in tossed salads.

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          Yes - just made a green salad with dried cherries, toasted sliced almonds, crumbled goat cheese and shallot vinaigrette.

        2. I have used them to make a sauce for pork chops (I believe I browned the chops, then made the sauce in the same pan using cherries, stock, and other things, and then finished the chops in the sauce). I can't remember where I got the recipe, but epicurious.com is a likely place.

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            a bag of brocolli slaw
            a handful of toasted pinenuts
            a handful of dried cherries or cranberries
            your own coleslaw dressing, or pre-made (like Marie's)
            Go easy on the dressing.

          2. OMG!! All of these ideas are wonderful! Thanks

            1. I add them along with fresh ingredients to compotes. They give a flavour burst that fresh cherries don't give. Dried cherry compote is great with lamb and wild game.

              1. they are also very nice with wild rice,as a side dish or salad,good oil,shallots,sweet onions all work well in combination

                1. They're amazing sprinkled in cold cereal or oatmeal. I add a dried cranberry/cherry mix every morning. It only takes a few.

                  1. I have used dried cherries in this version of Waldorf salad: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                    They'd also be a good addition to trail mix.

                    1. I mash them into baked sweet potatoes w/some gouda or pepper jack cheese.

                      1. tossed in a salad or in oatmeal they are delicious. Along with maple syrup they take the drudgery out of oatmeal

                        1. Not really a recipe, but we toss them in a bowl with chocolate chips and eat the combo for dessert. Trail mix. Try them in quinoa pilaf.

                          1. I tried putting about 2 cups in a half bottle of cheap bourbon for 2 weeks and used it to make Manhattans, a tiny bit of sweet and dry vermouth is all you need for Perfect Manhattans and use the dried cherries for garnish not the maraschinos. It would be better with better bourbon and a longer soak. Try with any dried fruit and neutral booze.

                            1. I wouldn't swear to it, but I believe there are Persian/Iranian rice recipes that ues them.

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                                And while I can't claim the mantle of Persian cuisine, I am thinking in that general direction when I make lamb meatballs with dried cherries in them.

                              2. Bread stuffing for poultry (esp turkey): Mix of white and whole wheat bread, stale and torn to size, butter, chopped celery and onion, salt and pepper, dried cherries that have been soaked in a little water to soften and drained, chopped toasted pecans or walnuts, sage or herb of your choice. Combine and moisten with a little turkey or chicken stock and stuff your bird.

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                                  Do you sautee the celery and onion before you toss it with the bread, or throw it in raw?

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                                    I don't saute it but I do chop it fine (but not minced). No reason why you couldn't saute it if you wanted.

                                2. Put them in granola and fruit salad

                                  1. I put this out there before. One of my favorite pasta salads is Orzo with Balsamic vinegar ( you can mix a little sugar with it) and about a cup of dried cherries. cook orzo til al dente, drain, add olive oil and then add fresh basil, fresh Italian flat leaf parsley, roasted pine nuts, red onions,toss in fresh grape tomatoes,any small tomato left uncut will work.Sometimes I will add small diced cucumers too. This salad is a nice change from the pasta salads that are made with an Italian dressing and dried seasoning or pasta salads that include mayo. The cherries are a wonderful addition, I leave them whole but you can cut them in half.

                                    1. Cereals (cold and hot), frozen desserts and puddings, salads, stuffings, pilafs (bulgur, buckwheat, rice, farro), polenta, sauteed vegetables. I could go on, but you get the drift by now.

                                      1. Martha Stewart has a recipe for her daughter, Alexis' Chocolate Chip Cookies that includes dried cherries. It's a big, chunky-type cookie.

                                        I get fabulous, moist dried Bartlett pear halves online (apricotking.com). The grower's favorite treat is a "pear taco": line up some dried cherries lengthwise on a pear half, then fold it up and munch.

                                        1. I threw in half a cup to a meatloaf/crockpot recipe and it gave the load a sweet/tangy taste and was nice/different from the usual homemade (mom) recipe, but then so did the crock pot and being summer, and I live at the beach -- my crock is a good friend! Enjoy !!!

                                          1. I sometimes use dried tart cherries (Montmorency variety) instead of raisins or currants in a simple braised greens dish that we make pretty frequently--the tart and sweet flavors of the cherries serve as a foil for the mild bitterness of the greens.

                                            1. They are great in a Family Fun recipe for turkey pilaf. It's ground turkey, pine nuts, onion, carrots, wild rice, spinach and cherries (or cranberries) Great in the fall. Enjoy them.

                                              1. I throw them in the chicken broth when I make cous cous. When it is ready I add toasted sliced almonds.

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                                                  I do that too...I added a little curry powder and some green onions. Very tastey.

                                                2. Vegan Planet cookbook includes a recipe for banana split tea bread which I haven't tried yet. Banana bread with dried cherries, pineapple, and chocolate chips...

                                                  1. The New Basics has an excellent recipe for Dried Cherry Chutney. I could paraphrase if you want it.

                                                    1. chicken marbella with dried cherries instead of prunes; chocolate chip, cashew, &dried cherry bars; in Bittman's granola recipe

                                                      1. In a sauce for duck, goose or pork, with orange juice and perhaps some port.

                                                        1. My favorite winter salad combines greens, chopped apples or pears, dried tart cherries, glazed walnuts and Roquefort cheese. The dressing makes the salad: 3 TBS mayonnaise, 1 TBS sour cream, 3 TBS grade B maple syrup, 1/2 tesp Dijon mustard, 3 TBS rice vinegar (not seasoned), juice of 1/2 lemon, and 6 TBS vegetable oil.