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Aug 13, 2008 10:27 AM

Seeking Good Caterer for Santa Cruz area!

Looking for suggestions on caterers for my mom's 70th birthday party in late September. There will be about 35 people, the majority are Vegetarian. She prefers Greek or Mediterranean food but anything good will do! I've been doing some research on-line but all of the websites I've come across for caterers have left me unappetized. Found one caterer in Soquel called Zameen. Anyone eaten at their restaurant or used them for catering?

Other suggestions?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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  1. No personal experience with this, but the River Cafe owners also have a catering business. Given the quality of the stuff at RC, they could be a very good choice:

    1. I used Zameen for catering my birthday party in July after enjoying their food at a catered workplace event. Delicious food, large portions, lovely presentation. The only drawback is that in both instances we had to go pick up the food--they do not do onsite catering or delivery. I can also recommend Fat Cat Catering in Los Gatos. They have done many events in Santa Cruz including Mediterranean, vegan, etc. No website, but the phone is 408-438-0387.