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Where to eat? (University, between Dundas and Queen)

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Just started a job in the neighbourhood. There are plenty of lunch spots around, but I have no idea which ones are good (and it would likely take a year to try them all). Would love to hear about your favourites.

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  1. The food court in the Village on The Grange on Dundas W., just west of University has a lot of gems. Try Island Foods for a great chicken curry roti, the Vietnamese place (name escapes me right now) for big bowls of hearty, fragrant pho and bun, and the schnitzel places for... well... schnitzel.

    I work in the Dundas/Yonge area, so this is a regular stop for me.

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      There's also a Thai fast food place. DON'T GO. Last time I went I foolishly chose ketchup-y rice noodles served under ketchup stir-fried dry chicken and a couple of very small shrimp. Shameful.

      Next time I will try Manpuku or Sakura.

    2. Sounds like you are asking for directions to Nota Bene? A block east of University on Queen.

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        there's ematei on st patrick & queen, right by nota bene and the rex.

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              Only if you have big feet - it's actually west of Simcoe (which is the street west of University).

        1. I love Sakura: Homestyle Japanese in the Village By the Grange food court. I also hear a Mission Burrito will be moving in to the food court as well....

          1. My wife works in the area. She'd second Ematei (Japanese)

            1. I just had lunch yesterday at Avenue Cafe -- north west corner of University and Dundas. Yum!

              1. Welcome to the neighborhood! Nota Bene is excellent but pricey -- definitely not an everyday play. I will also "third" Ema-tei - friendly service and good food. There are lots of Indian places with good buffet on Queen West. The Queen Mother is good for Thai, also on Queen West. Not open now, but fun in the fall/winter is Osgoode Hall. Japango is another good Japanese restaurant on Elizabeth street -- better than Ema-tei for sushi IMO, although I would give Ema-tei the nod for kitchen fare (especially good donburi). One other "fancier" restaurant is Oro on Elm Street -- I have never had a bad meal there. Finally, there is the Sandwich Box on Queen West -- great sandwichs and custom salads.

                1. Manpuku in the Village on the Grange serves a very nice udon noodle in soup.

                  1. you should also explore some of the places on Baldwin St. its a bit north of Dundas west of McCaul St. good selection of places. my favourite is the yung sing pastry shop.

                    1. There's also a restaurant in Osgoode Hall. I've never been but it might be worth checking out!

                      1. Saffron Tree...Indian buffet on Elizabeth Street (1 blk. north of dundas and 1 blk east of University). I hate buffetsbut this one does a very good lunch with lots of veggie options for about $12 per person. Always busy and always fresh food

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                          f you're going to trek over to Vikllage by the Grange, you might as well walk the extra 5 minutes and go to any of the good resto on Baldwin street.

                        2. I like Helena's Kitchen as a healthy option in Village by the Grange. They have whole grains and vegetables to build your own salad, quiche, savoury pies, and chicken prepared various ways. Quite inexpensive.