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Aug 13, 2008 10:03 AM

The 25 Dollar Dinner Challenge

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to recommend a Chow Hound Worthy* meal @ a restaurant in the DMV area, that can feed 2 people (a couple if you wish) for 25 bucks.

25 bucks includes
- 2 entrees
- 2 drinks
- 15%** tip. (so you have about 21.74 to work with)

(Metro, Parking, Cab, Gasoline are neglible)

Bonus points if you can sneak in an appetizer or dessert.

All of you folks in long term relationships and marriages are encouraged to reply.

Thanks for playing,

*ie Manny and Olga's might not count, depending on how CH feels this week.
**WIA has dated many waitresses and always tips 20%

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  1. Chix on U St during happy hour

    1. Just wanted some clarity...this is $25 total, not $25/person correct?

      And drinks---define? Is this alchol? Is this soda? Is this water with a lime? :)

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Total 25 bucks, otherwise it's not a challenge.

        By drink, I mean drinkable. I normally opt for Iced Tea, but you can go with Water and put that extra ~2.00 bucks to the meal.

      2. Lots of luck. Most places you couldn't buy two drinks for that unless they were tap water. I've had iced tea for $3 after tax, not including tip. Take drinks off the list and we might come up with something interesting.

        1. If your drinks are of the adult variety, I think there's not much that would qualify (maybe a 1/4 chicken and a beer at Nando's? Splitting a pizza at Ella's?). But if your drinks are of the soft variety, I think you could do this at Spices ($9 dinner entrees), Kanlaya (certainly at lunch where curries and noodle dishes are 8.95), Moby Dick, Levi's Port Cafe...

          1. Ravi Kabob

            Apps: 2 veggie samosas - $2.50
            Two Chicken kabobs - $18
            2 Sodas - $2
            + tax and a buck or so for the tip jar

            Lots of great chow worthy food and you'll have leftovers

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            1. re: Adam23

              You could even do the chicken or lamb karahi for two mmm, the lamb is especially good, and skip the apps and still make it, the portion is huge, and so good. Definitely good call.

              A lot of Thai places probably make the cut, at Regent you could get two Pad Prig King, or Curries, or Pad See Ew or etc, plus two soft drinks and make it.