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Aug 13, 2008 10:03 AM

The Park before a Dodger Game?

I am thinking about going to The Park before the Dodger Game on Friday night. Has anyone been and care to comment. Thanks

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  1. It's a nice place. The burger and calamari appetizer are good. I'm sure someone has reviewed this place, but for some reason they decided to name their restaurant the most unsearchable name on the internet.

    From what I can remember from the comments, they also do a good hanger steak. They're just opening up again after vacation, so I don't know what's on the new menu, but maybe you can check their blog for new info:

    No alcohol there yet, AFAIK, so bring your own booze. No corkage.

    Here's one of the old posts:

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      Thanks Andy I had replied to the thread but for some reason could not find it.. anyway sounds like a go to me..

    2. i tried to go last night before the game but alas, they were closed Tuesdays. This after hoping to go to Colori (closed for dinner Su-We), and before having to abort LA Mill (no more corkage allowed until license). Ended up at El Cesario which was good.

      I've been to Park three times now. The big plus (for us) is proximity to the stadium AND no corkage fee.
      I'm sure I've replied before, but the food is pretty solid. I heard they were making some modification to the menu. I really like the appetizer that is chipotle shrimp over a corn cake. The steak (hanger?) is a nice plate for a reasonable $16. I'm not the biggest roasted chicken at a restaurant fan, but their''s is good. I noticed the times raved a bout the burger. It's $10, though +$1 for each add (cheese, grilled onions, shrooms) so in the end is more like $13. Not huge, but adequate and definitely good.
      The staff are very friendly, the room spartan but clean.

      1. Great place to go pre-game and yes, they do allow you to bring alcohol and don't charge corkage - they're okay with the practice, despite what the president of the Los Angeles Temperance Union says. They also just put out a modified "fall" menu that's available for download on their website.

        We're going tomorrow for a birthday dinner with a large group and a whole tote bag of wine bottles. Monku, please don't rat us out to the ABC!.

        1. [nevermind -- they are back from vacation!]

          1. I actually enjoyed having a nice dinner at The Park last night. Entered with the door being opened for us and the hostess saying "table for 2 gentleman" I handed over my bottle of Bordeaux and it was opened and poured in small short glasses. I ordered the yellowtail collar and my buddy ordered the corncakes to start. I ordered the hanger steak and my buddy ordered the salmon. Solid food, easy and smooth service. Would go back for sure.. Great value.. and if your heading to a Dodger game.. an excellent pre game choice..

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              We tried out the Park last night and I was happy for the most part. It really is quite a good deal, you can't argue with that. My SO had the pork and it was quite lovely. It is pulled and very juicy and flavorful. I had the polenta cakes and those were really nice too, and I'm not even that big a fan of polenta. I guess my vegan alter ego ordered for me! I had a bite of the burger as well and it was solid, not the best ever, but well done. Lasly, someone had the mushroom enchiladas. This seemed to be the weakest dish. We started with the calamari and while I liked the flavor, I was a little turned off by the carrot strips...they looked like those pre packaged carrot strips from Trader Joe's or something in an "American salad Mix".

              All in all I would definitely go back, and love the no corkage. If you're an Eastsider you should certainly give it a try!