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Aug 13, 2008 09:52 AM

[DAL] Steakhouse other than Salt Grass?

I'm wanting to take my parents to a steakhouse, because they love steak; but the only place they go for a steak is Salt Grass Steakhouse. I know there has to be better steaks out there for around the same price, but me not being a big steak eater, I don't know of any of these restaurants.

I want them to find a place that is better than Salt Grass, but I don't want it to drain my wallet. They make fun of me and my girlfriend for traveling so far for good food, so I want to limit it to maybe a 10-20 mile radius of Carrollton.

Are there any steakhouses that match up to what I'm expecting, or does it just not happen like this?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Dunstons on Harry around the same price or cheaper. It is not fancy but the meat is good and the mesquite flames helps season it just right. That would be me choice. Mr. Dunston is there on most nights.

    That would be the closest to your radius requirements that is affordable and still worth while.

    1. Saltgrass is not bad for a chain and in it's price point. There are many other better Steakhouses but not many that are at the same price point. You might try the Grotto The Grotto has good food, but will be a bit higher priced, but not in the range of the higher end places.

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        Agree, Saltgrass offers the best combination of value and quality. You can get better for more $$, but not in the same price range. Pays to listen to your parents on this one.

      2. Have you ever been to the Keg? closest one to you would be at Park/Tollway behind Maggiano's. Decent prices, and the steak's are pretty darn good.

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          I haven't been to The Keg, though I do pass by and see it often. I will look into this. Thanks for the input.

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            I have been to the Keg several times being close to my office. I don't find it any better than Saltgrass. The only thing that is better is the bar, other than that no reason to spend the extra $$$ on the Keg. If you are going for the more expensive Steak Houses Sullivan's or Kirbys is the next step up, then you start cruising to $$$ at Three Forks, Pappas, Bobs .... All very good, but again for < $30 very difficult to beat Saltgrass Dunstons is historically interesting and okay but probably not really worth the drive.

            Now if you want a bargin and a good Steak you can go to Lakeway BBQ in St. Paul Texas near Wylie. They have a steak special on Friday & Saturday nights. It's a zoo but it's pretty darn good and about $10 or $12 as I remember.

            1. re: irodguy

              I tend to agree. There are a lot of absolutely better North Dallas steakhouses, but I haven't found one consistently better than Saltgrass for the money.

              Hey, it's your parents. I say go for it and take them out to Chamberlain's; that's my favorite top steakhouse closest to Carrollton. Yeah, it'll set you back more than Saltgrass, but not "that" much more. (I wouldn't exactly call Saltgrass inexpensive...)

          2. While I've never eaten at Sullivan's, I have a couple of friends that go there on a regular basis and love it.

            A note on Dunston's. There's a reason it's been around since dirt - it's affordable and good. Although I haven't been in many years, ironically I did go a few Saturdays ago for a mid-afternoon early dinner. On the weekend, they do NOT open until 5:00. They also have a location on Lover's near the toll road.

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              The Dunston's on Harry Hines is considered a prime steakhouse whereas the Dunston's on Lovers Lane is not and I would rate the food there below what you'd get at Saltgrass Steak House.

              1. re: Scagnetti

                What do you rate the Dunston's on Harry Hines? I looked at their prices they are pretty reasonable. Is the quality pretty good?

                1. re: Dallassooner

                  They are not on the Pappas Bros, Al Biernat's level but it is a cut above the Saltgrass, Texas Land & Cattle.

                  Gene Dunston, the patriarch of the Dunston's, is a long time restaurateur and sources the meat for all of the restaurants.

            2. I'd second the Keg, there is also one on 114. I think its a pretty good steak for a reasonable price. Not too much more expensive would be Chamberlain's on Beltline. Not quite Pappas, but a nice steakhouse with good friendly service.