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Aug 13, 2008 09:41 AM

Pho at Perilla?[San Francisco]

I took a different route out of the Transbay Terminal this morning which took me by the site of the former Linda's Place (greasy-spoon Thai), which has morphed into a rather more upscale Vietnamese pho place called Perilla (which didn't sound very Asian to me until I googled it and found that perilla is another name for shiso). Banner across the front read "Grand Opening 8-8-08" although that doesn't mean it hasn't been open for a while. Anyone tried it? It looks kind of expensive, but the garlic noodles are calling me.

510 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105

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  1. I got there just before noon and it was packed! I ordered tiger prawns with garlic noodles and the shrimp roll for my coworker. I really enjoyed the garlic noodles. They were chewy and not too greasy. You could see the chopped up garlic in the noodles but the garlic flavor was just right, not too overwhelming. The shrimp were good (I think their description of jumbo might be stretching it) but I'll probably just order the garlic noodles ($6.50) next time. It was also served with a side of steamed broccoli. My coworker like the shrimp roll but couldn't identify an ingredient. She guessed it might be shiso.

    $8.50 for the shrimp, +$1.50 to substitute garlic noodles, $6 for the shrimp roll. 15 minute wait after I ordered.

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      Thanks for the report! Now I *really* want those garlic noodles.

    2. Bumping this thread to note a new Perilla location at 836 Irving St. Haven't visited yet.

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          Same owner as PPQ? Interesting, as they have a Pho restaurant on Irving between 19th and 20th AVenue - the one on the north side of the street, NOT the one on the south side of Irving. One of may favorite Pho places and the one I migrate to on any cold day when I'm in the neighborhood.


        Only thread I've seen on this so I'll give it a half-hearted bump. We met our daughter here for lunch today. The shrimp rolls were good. A nicely cooked shrimp, good wrapper and all the good crunchies inside. The fried tofu was 'fine.' It could have been cooked longer or at a higher heat. The garlic noodles, in our opinion, were totally meh. It was the five spice chicken one and, while the chicken was tasty and tender, I caught not a bit of five spice flavor. With so much good food in the area we wouldn't go back. Sorry.