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Aug 13, 2008 09:22 AM

Planning a business dinner - help!

I am planning two business dinners in Toronto in late September. One for about 10 people and one for six. We're staying downtown (Centre Street West) and want to walk or take a short cab ride. Budget around $90 per person with wine. Fun but not too boisterous so we can talk business. Can you help with suggestions?

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  1. Bymark is always my fav suggestion. If you want sushi then there's Ki - both in the financial district.

    1. Where is Centre St. W.? I've never heard of it and can't seem to find it on a map. There's Centre Ave at Dundas and University, but it runs north/south and there's no hotel there...

      I think Bymark might be a pricey for your budget (for 3 courses, probably about $75 before drinks, tax and tip).

      Maybe Nota Bene, David Lee's new restaurant? This is the second time I've suggested it despite the fact that I haven't been; however, the reviews on this board have been great. Unless your guests order the (gulp) $89 33oz rib steak, the average 3 course meal would probably cost about $50-60 before drinks, tax and tip.

      Another option is Vertical, where I've really enjoyed the food, service and atmosphere. It'd probably run you about $60 for 3 courses before drinks, tax and tip (though probably more if many of your guests are steak eaters).