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Aug 13, 2008 09:03 AM

New Hood-15th & 5th

come september i will be relocating from the UES to 15th & 5th. i need suggestions on all levels when it comes to food. my take out options, casual spots in the hood, nice spots in the hood, know the deal. all information is appreciated. i'm willing to travel a littel as well. i don't know too much about union square/chelsea area as i've spent a majority of my life uptown. thanks everyone!!

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  1. usq farmers' mkt, garden of eden (14th btwn university & 5th), whole foods (14th & b'dwy), food emporium (usq seast corner), trader joes (14th btwn irving & 3rd)

    danal (5th & 13th), taralucci e vino (18th btwn b'dwy & 5th), mexicana mama centro & piola (12th btwn b'dwy & univ.), joe, the adore (13th btwn 5th & univ), patsy's (10th & univ.), il cantinori (10th btwn b'dwy & univ.), tocqueville (15th btwn usq w.& 5th), old town (18th btwn b'dwy & park) - tons more....

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      You also have Citarella and Jefferson market just below 14th Street on 6th. I shopped a couple of weekend at Garden of Eden after going to the farmer's market, but decided that they are awfully expensive - though the produce selection is excellent.

      1. re: MMRuth

        yes, GOE a little $$, but no more so (imo) than citarella or jefferson mkt.

        also, murray's bagels (6th below 13th), maurizio's (13th btwn 6th & 5th), the list goes on & on - downtown is your oyster....

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          I usually shop at Citarella, and while I didn't do any insightful comparison with prices with GOE, there were just some things at GOE that seemed way more expensive, FWIW.

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            Maurizio's has gone out of business! I'm still in mourning...

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          I second Danal. It's a cute place that is totally reasonable with prices and has a good brunch.

          Also I love Posto Pizza, it's around 3rd ave and 17th. It's brick over great for take out or eat in at one of their few cozy tables (they also have some out door seating on street).

          Vamos Tacos- 1st Ave and 19th. They do delivery but better to eat in as it's not your typical taco place. High prices and emphasis on drinks with an extensive and pricey tequila selection. Good Service and fun atmosphere. Also I've had good Peruvian ceviche there.

        3. Whole Foods of course in Union Square
          Dumplings: Vanessa's Dumplings on 14th btwn 2nd and 3rd

          1. I'm on 15 a little further west than you. In general, you're close to a lot of areas (E Vill, W Vill, Flatiron, Murray Hill, Chelsea), so you have plenty of options. For shopping, there's the Green Market, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's. Chelsea Market, Murray's Cheese, Amy's Bread, and Faicco's aren't very far for some other staples.
            For eating, Casa Mono, 71 Irving, Via Emilia, Giorgio's of Gramercy, Gramercy Tavern, Petite Abeille, City Bakery, Michel Cluizel, Stand, Otto, Ippudo, and plenty of others if you venture out a bit further.

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              I just visited Michel Cluizel in the ABC Carpet Store yesterday and it's no longer called (or is) that. It's now named "Dessert Studio" and they sell a combination of both Cluizel bonbons and Amedei chocolate bars along with baked goods. I actually felt bummed because of this change (even though it's been months since I've last visited there).


            2. I work right around the corner so feel obligated to give you a full rundown.
              The good news: You will not go hungry

              I practically live in garden of eden - I personally find it cheaper than many other optoins around here (like Whole Foods), plus it's an endless supply of everything good. Pita Joe just opened up on 14th & 5th, I haven't been but they mentioned it in the NYT yesterday (I actually plan to go today for lunch and will report back).

              For good, cheap eats: Rainbow falafel is on 17th between USQ & 5th, is cheap and excellent. Medina across the street does great soups for lunch. There's a Petit Abeille on 17th between 5&6, and Village Yogurt on 15th & 6th may look like a dump, but they serve excellent healthy food cooked to order. There's also Pain Quotidienne on 19th between broadway & park if you're into that sort of thing. Others may differ, but I don't recommend city bakery, the food's not bad, but I find it to be waaay overpriced.

              On the higher end: Mesa Grill will be right on your block; Union Sq Cafe; Toqueville; 15 east (I haven't been here yet but CHr's rave about this place for sushi); and Il cantinore on 12th between 5th & University, and BLT Fish on 18th between 5/6.

              Non-starbucks Coffee: Either Joe on 13th or Tisserie on 17&Usq or le petit belge on 14th between 5th & Univ.

              Places with really good atmospere & good food: Boqueria for Tapas on 19th (or was that 20th?); Otto for pizza on 10th & 5th; Crema;

              You're also very close to the birthplace of the burgeoning Craft empire: Craft, Craftbar, and 'whichcraft are all within a short walk.

              Plus you can cross Unsq to Irving & Gramercy and open up a whole new world of possibilities: as already mentioned Casa Mono - which could be my favorite of everything I've listed here; 71 irving; Yama sushi.

              Since you'll be living here you'll need a trusty bodega. I usually end up at either Food depot on 5th & 18th, or Regal Deli on 15th & 5th. Both are your typical 'everything in one stop' sort of place. Although Food depot has a slightly better selection of offerings (for a bodega) but regal is closer.

              That should get you started. I know I've forgotten a lot,

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              1. re: Spends Rent on Food

                this is a great list. covers all the bases. thanks.

                1. re: hmb

                  Happy to help. Also to follow up:
                  Pita Joe is very good, but they're a little light on the portions. For $11 I got a great Shnitzel pita and a lemonde, but was still hungry, whereas Rainbow Falafel will fill me up and give me a drink for exactly half that.

                  Also realized I forgot to mention:
                  Stand on 12th st has good burgers and phenomenal onion rings (and a great beer selection),
                  Strip House is the best steak in the neighborhood (and maybe the city) on 12th between 5th & university. Gotham Bar & Grill is also right across the st.

                  Oh, and il cantinori is on 10th, not 12th.