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Aug 13, 2008 08:47 AM

Good dessert to bring to bbq?

I need inspiration and recipes!

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  1. I think cupcakes go well at a BBQ, or big cookies. Serving is a snap and there is very little need for extra utensils.

    1. I like Jamie Oliver's Vanilla Baked Fruit. You can make it ahead of time and you can use a mix whateverfruit you want, plums, peaches, rubarb, pears, figs, and in whatever quantity you need. Just wash core, pit, slice the fruit and spread it in a shallow baking dish. Sprinkle w/ vanilla sugar and brandy and bake, 475 until it's soft, about 5 min.

      Serve it with ice cream, sweetened marscarpone cheese, over grilled pound cake. Last time I served it w/ vanilla ice cream I also sprinkled crushed ginger snaps on top for some contrasting crunch.

      1. The strawberry pie recipe from Bon Apetite is AMAZING! I know they have it online, so you can do an epicurious search. But it's light, refreshing, and really delicious with BBQ foods!

        1. Something not too complicated. Brownies or cupcakes? Cookies are good too. I've baked both brown sugar-pecan cookies and pb cookies in the past couple of days ... yum!

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            I agree with brownies or cupcakes. Because there's so much sugar and sweetness in barbecue sauce and its sides, I'd like to see a little salt in the dessert as in a moist chocolate brownie with salted caramel or yellow cupcakes with salted chocolate icing or something along those lines. Perhaps dust them with pink sea salt for color.

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              I was thinking the same thing, BBQ food is already so sweet. For that reason I would choose a fruit-based dessert like a cobbler or better yet shortcake, served with un- or lightly-sweetened whipped cream rather than ice cream. But I'll always eat brownies or cookies, especially with a salty component.

          2. At a July 4th BBQ I did grilled pineapple with rum dulce du leche sauce. Very simple and it was a big hit.
            I sliced the pinapple into rounds instead of spears to make it a bit easier to eat, and you can easily cut the sauce recipe in half and still have plenty.

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              I slice my pineapple and soak it in dark rum (Goslings from Bermuda) overnight. Sprinkle with granualated sugar. 3-5 minutes on the grill. With or without ice cream.

              A watermelon, optional spiked with the liquor of your choice. Vodka, Amaretto , Grand Marnier, Rum. Cut out a square segment a day ahead, scoop out some flesh, pour in the booze and replace the cut out rind. Chill overnight.