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Aug 13, 2008 08:34 AM

Ice Cream in Hollywood

Will be dthe area for a weekend visit, but don't want to over indulge. If you had to pick between Siciliano's Frozen Custard (Hollywood) or Jaxson's (Dania Beach), which would you choose.

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  1. I would definitely go to Jaxson's! It is a one of a kind experience. The ice cream is home-made plus the atmosphere is an old time soda fountain.

    1. No doubt about it. Jaxsons. Been going there since i was a kid

      1. Jaxsons is great. There is also Rosies on US1( frozen custard and italian ice).

        There is a great Gelato place on Hollywood Blvd too.

        1. My vote is for Jaxons - as noted it is a special family type place. Reminds me of similar places up north (NYC) - like an Jans - has a kitchen sink, special sundaes and a funky atmosphere - a sure hit for your family.

          1. both are good for ice cream. For a change, there are a bunch of different types of fabulous chocolate and mocha smoothies (with other fruit) that taste like the best 'ice cream sodas'. I have become addicted to them since the store opened in the summer. You can find them at Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Aventura, behind Loehmans Plaza.