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Ice Cream in Hollywood

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Will be dthe area for a weekend visit, but don't want to over indulge. If you had to pick between Siciliano's Frozen Custard (Hollywood) or Jaxson's (Dania Beach), which would you choose.

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  1. I would definitely go to Jaxson's! It is a one of a kind experience. The ice cream is home-made plus the atmosphere is great...like an old time soda fountain.

    1. No doubt about it. Jaxsons. Been going there since i was a kid

      1. Jaxsons is great. There is also Rosies on US1( frozen custard and italian ice).

        There is a great Gelato place on Hollywood Blvd too.

        1. My vote is for Jaxons - as noted it is a special family type place. Reminds me of similar places up north (NYC) - like an Jans - has a kitchen sink, special sundaes and a funky atmosphere - a sure hit for your family.

          1. both are good for ice cream. For a change, there are a bunch of different types of fabulous chocolate and mocha smoothies (with other fruit) that taste like the best 'ice cream sodas'. I have become addicted to them since the store opened in the summer. You can find them at Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Aventura, behind Loehmans Plaza.

            1. I used to drive from Aventura to Hollywood on the weekend just to get Siciliano's 'special flavor custard of the weekend'. They had ones like 'key lime pie' and 'bailey's chocolate chip', but my favorites were citrus-based (lemon, lime, orange). They were amazing

              But quite some time ago, the mixer broke and was never fixed, and as a result the only flavors are chocolate, vanilla and swirl (soft serve). Now I don't even drop in if I'm passing right by the front door. It's a damn shame.

              So if you want flavors, Jaxson's is the way to go. If you like vanilla, Siciliano's is still great, but until they get a new mixer, it isn't really worth a detour.

              1. Jaxson's is a classic. Siciliano's is fine if you just want a simple cup or cone, but they don't have anything like the Kitchen Sink.