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Aug 13, 2008 08:32 AM

Gastronomy tour of HK in four days, please advice!!

Hi everybody, Im going to Asia with my two partners and a chef on a strictly gastronomical tour. Our first stop is Hong Kong and we will be staying there for four days. Our interest is mainly to get a good grasp of the local cuisine, flavors and ingredients.. We are more interested in street restaurant delicacies rather than really expensive restaurants although any kind of advice is welcome. Im trying to do some real good research so that we dont miss anything that is a must. Please advice on which part of the city we should spend our time, dishes we must try, secret local spots etc... We are very interested in noodles, caly pot rice, authentic local food etc... How to best plan our short stay in Hong Kong???

Thank you very much


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  1. For authentic street food, head to Mong Kok. There are streets full of vendors with local food.

    I'd also recommend trying some fresh seafood in Aberdeen or Lamma Island.

    If you are very adventureous and don't mind dirty/questionable sanitary places, I would try dai pai dong. They are generally located on the top floor of wet markets. There is one in Central, Mong Kok, Lok Fu, and other cities. Try the porridge and fried donuts and other dishes. However, you will need someone who can read and speak Chinese because there will not be a Chinese menu although you could point.