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Aug 13, 2008 08:02 AM

Portland, Maine "one-handed breakfast"

Hey, I'm writing a piece for The Bollard about the best one-handed breakfast in Portland. Breakfast sandwiches, stuffed pastries, small burritos... whatever floats your boat, just so long as you can eat it without putting down your coffee cup (or cell phone, or sleeping infant). Any favorites?

Please post responses and/or email them to thebreakfastserial AT

Thanks 'hounds!

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  1. Those wonderful Sicilian pastries at Micucci's! Just watch out for the powdered sugar if you're wearing black.

    1. Morning buns from Standard Bakery if you don't mind being sticky.

      1. I'll second Micucci's (Steve's ) Italian pastry. Also:

        Egg sandwich-Casco Variety
        Chocolate Croissant-Standard Baking
        Molasses Doughnut-Tony's
        Steamed Bao-Bubblemainea or Thai market on Forest (forget the name)
        Oatmeal cookie-Two Fat Cats

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          Good stuff so far.

          I'm trying to keep it to more substantial breakfasts than just doughnuts, croissants, etc. -- not that I can't get behind a warm Tony's molasses doughnut, but if I open it up to the whole pastry category I'll never be able to cover all the ground I need to. I'm thinking something stuffed with cheese and meat or veggies would be in, but a cherry cheese danish would be out.

          Then again, if I leave the door open to these suggestions I'll get to stuff myself silly for an even longer "research" period. So... bring it on.

        2. The breakfast sandwich options at Oh No Cafe are something special. Example, egg, maple glazed proscuitto and tabasco on a bagel. The way the crispy meat, maple and tabasco balance perfectly -- Soooo good. Lots of wonderful options. West End Grocery used to have really good breakfast burritos. They were fantastic 3 years ago and if they are the same, well worth checking out. Market Eats had some tasty breakfast wraps. Hope this info isn't too outdated!

          1. I second the breakfast sandwiches at the OhNo Cafe for freshness & bold taste. I love the one with skirt steak & onions.Also the ham & cheese croissant at Standard