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Aug 13, 2008 07:26 AM

Greensboro NC breakfast

I'll be in Greensboro, NC for a wedding this weekend - my family's normal spot for breakfast and lunch is Jan's House on West Market. We enjoy the breakfasts, burgers, sweet tea, etc....

I want to know if there are any other places we should try instead....particularly somewhere that makes better Southern breakfasts. Still looking for somewhere cheap and casual, and not too far away from this part of Greensboro.

Any suggestions? Or should we stick with Jan's House?

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  1. Have not been to jan's but I do hope you get an answer. I go for the place across from sheets on wendover. They don't do their own biscuits but where else but home can you get liver pudding at 3 am.My goal is a place that serves liver pudding and makes their own fluffy biscuits and is not 5 miles outside the city

    What features bring back to Jan's?

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      It's kinda greasy, but it's the kind of southern breakfast we're usually looking for. Nice that the breakfast dishes are served 24 hrs a day. I also remember liking the paddy melt. Pretty good breakfasts (eggs, grits, etc) and sweet tea. I can't remember the biscuits very clearly.

      It's pretty close to where my relatives live, so that makes it a good choice for us (we are from MA and CA)...but we'd be willing to drive a little further for something better - though no one will be complaining if we're back at Jan's either.

      Dave MP

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        Skip herbies. They microwave their eggs. Need I say more.

        The place on Wendover is Jakes.

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          Last I was there I got eggs poached medium as ordered. If they nuked 'em, I'd like to learn that trick. Second on Jake's. Is Spring Valley Restaurant on Randleman Rd.still open? Used to get truly great sausage gravy biscuits there.

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            I went to herbies on battleground and asked for two poached softly. THey said they microwave all their eggs. THe guy tried to poch them in the microwave to truly lackluster result. I had the pancakes instead

      2. Smith Street Diner on Battleground may fit your bill. It is owned by the same people who own Bistro Sofia. Good southern breakfasts and Counter Culture coffee. They even serve foie gras (which doesn't really fit the ambiance) but I have never ordered it there.

        1. Tex and Shirleys in Friendly Center!

          1. Tex and Shirley's in the Friendly Center. Breakfast all day

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              Is it better than Jan's? If so, how?

              1. re: Dave MP

                I don't know that I'd say its better, but its different in that Tex and Shirley's has a more extensive menu and is more of a restaurant, as opposed to a diner like Jan's. All seating is at tables, for example, there is no counter like Jan's.