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Where to find good sausage (and buns!) for the BBQ

Looking for tips on where to find quality sausage for a classic sausage-on-a-bun. I'd also appreciate any suggestions on what type of bun to pair it with.

Will I find what I'm after at the St. Lawrence?

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  1. You will definitely find what you're looking for at SLM. Most of the butchers there have several sausages to choose from, but I recommend staying away from those that offer discounts like, 12 sausages for 10 dollars. If you're looking to treat yourself, pay by the pound. Also, the bakery on the north side of the main floor, or the larger one downstairs, have an array of buns to choose from.

    1. My mother buys sausage most weeks from a vendor in the north market. The stall is located on the east wall, near the south-west entrance/garage door. I will be buying sausages from them for my BBQ. I quite enjoyed their Extra-hot Italian, and the Oktoberfest was also quite nice. They have many-many flavors to choose from....

      As for buns, most carts in the city seems to use Silverstein's buns. They are located on McCaul north of Dundas.....

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        North market has the better quality stuff, I agree with cometier's place. I prefer the place close to the SE corner of the building. Forget the name, but they usually have whole pigs hanging. Love the spicy farmer's sausage. And the maple sausage is really nice too. Sliced up at breakfast, it's awesome.

        If you go there, or the one cometier is suggesting (which might be the same place), I think you're in good shape.

        For buns, sorry, can't give you an exact address, but if you happen to be walking down Richmond, east from Church on the South side, there's a hot dog vendor supply store. The sell some pretty good sausage buns.

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          Absolutely agree on the sausages, I believe you may mean El Gaucho Chorizos.
          My vote for buns are those delicious Portuguese rolls, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. They sell them at the peameal on a bun bakery (Carousel ?). I also get them really fresh at a bakery on Dundas West, Nova Era.


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            Yes, the St. Lawrence Market (North Market) place on the east wall is called El Gaucho. They're great. I've tried about 10 different varieties and they're all fantastic. The cook up well, have enough fat, don't end up mealy, and are seasoned properly.

        2. If you happen to be in the a little west, on Dundas juast east of Crawford on the north side is Superior Sausage, they only really make 1 fresh kind but it is a great farmer sausage...

          1. In SLM I like the Sausage King. They have a huge variety of sausages, my favs being duck or pork with fennel. All their sausages are quite fatty, so delicious but artery clogging.

            1. If you are ever out in queensway/427 area get the pasquale brother's sausage. the hot italian is wonderful on the BBQ.

              Also for buns I sometimes just use baquettes and cut them to size.

              1. European meats at Kipling & the Queensway.

                The "debreziner" smoked sausage.

                Just as good as the vendors downtown and probably even better :)

                They make some pretty bold claims posted up all over the store, such as that it is the #1 vendor provider in all of Toronto, etc..

                All I know is the place is absolutely packed in the summer, and whats even better is hitting their grilling counter and grabbing a couple bites for the ride home ;)

                1. Wow---great suggestions, everyone. Thanks! I think I may get half at the place in the North Market that you mention and half at Sausage King. I'll let you know how they compare.

                  Again, thanks for the inside scoop!

                  1. Lots of responses to sausage of course, I have sources, but the basic is the bun --- I hate a soft soggy bun or a ratio of all bun and little meat ---- so any bun better toasted, etc. with ratio intact and especially thereafter not too much liquid, lots of veggies A OK! ---- A Toasted Bun So Great!! A Round Onion Bun In The Centre!!!
                    Give me a plate with the proper meat/bun/little sauce basic, topped with overflowing cooked/uncooked vegatables and a fork & knife = Salad Sandwich ----- even decorate edges of the plate with small delicate meat slices and other veggies!!! The sandwich is the attraction and the different nibbles are the interest --- great to simply expand a family time!!