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Aug 13, 2008 07:19 AM

Unusal restaurant for dinner date in Philadelphia?

I'm still fairly new to Philadelphia and would like to go on a date with my sweetheart at a spectacularly different restaurant. I'm not talking about something swanky or super amazing delicate cuisine -- I mean a I want a restaurant with good food and cocktails but offer something in the way of atmosphere. Does anyone out there have recommendations? The place I'm imagining might have a terrific secluded outdoor patio or it might be a tiny bistro that seats only six people or it might have live music...I don't know, something...different. Price range: less than $100 for two, including wine.

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  1. I love Little Fish at 6th and Catharine - it's a byob so you easily save money on the drinks. It is a small little restaurant that has a great neighborhood feel to it and excellent seafood. I'd also recommend Effies - a greek byob at 11th and Pine that has a cute backyard patio you can sit in.

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      Effies?!?! They have a lovely outdoor seating area, but the food there is effin' awful. I know it's popular, but the last time I ate there the food was not good at all and if you eat inside I think the ambiance leaves a bit to be desired.

    2. You could certainly try the Morroccan restaurants (Fez and Marrakesh). They serve 6 course meals for like $27 that you eat with your hands, while lounging on cushions on the floor. They have carafes of house wine (that is famously bad but part of the fun). The food is pretty yummy, especially the salad platters and the pie thing. You share everything, but you can order vegetarian if you need to. Better make sure you like your date - it will be either very romantic or the longest night of your life. Thank you.

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        My wife took me to Marrakesh when we were dating and I guess you can say it worked out pretty well. The eating with your hands thing can be pretty romantic.

        I always say that my wife fed me an orange that night and she's had me eating out of her hand ever since.

      2. Try Mr. Martino's Trattoria. The menu hasn't changed in years, and the atmosphere is like stepping 75 years into the past. In a good way. It's only open Friday through Sunday though. BYO.

        1. oh - and there's always Victor Cafe as well (13th and Dickinson) Italian restaurants where the waitstaff will just periodically, randomly break out into singing opera!

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            I that they do this at Franco & Luigi's in South Philly as well.

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              Dante and Luigi's, I think is what you mean. And I don't think they've done too much opera singing there in a while.

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                Dante and Luigi's is a different restaurant and does not to my knowledge offer any type of live entertainment. Franco & Luigi's (now named Franco's High Note Cafe), as jessicheese wrote, features live music

          2. Also I really love the food at Shouk and they have fun cocktails too. Just go early. They do serve hookas also and late in the evening it can get a little overwhelming.