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Aug 13, 2008 07:14 AM

Seared Tuna Salad

I want to make a special meal for my husband's birthday. As he loves tuna AND he's on a fitness kick, I thought I'd do a seared tuna salad. I need some ideas.

What marinade or seasonings would you use for the tuna? Would you sear it in a grill pan? And what salad greens and things (and dressing) would you use for the salad? Anything else? (Thanks....)

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  1. No marinade for the tuna, just cut it into a uniformly thick block and dust the outside with sichimi or cracked black pepper. Oil a heavy pan (not a grill pan, you want even contact with the surface of the tuna) and put in the tuna--as soon as the outside colors & will release from the pan, roll it onto the next side, continuing through all the sides (don't worry about the ends). Remove it just as soon as you've colored all the sides and slice. (Some people go thru the trouble of chilling immediately after searing, but if your salads are ready to go, it won't overcook before you serve it).

    Use a nice, tender spring mix, and throw in some diced avocado. A ginger miso dressing would be nice; the bottled version from Whole Foods is decent, esp if thinned w/a little rice vinegar. Or try ponzu, rice vinegar, sesame oil, and a tiny pinch of sugar.

    1. Just made tuna steak last night for dinner. Very easy, these were 1 1/2 in thick steak pieces. Marinated in homemade teriyaki sauce for about 30 minutes, let tuna come to room temp. We like ours very rare. Heat up cast iron pan to blazing/searing hot. Toss in some EVOO and quickly sear tuna for 2-3 min on each side. Let rest for 5-10 min before serving. We have some leftover and just contemplating an orzo salad for dinner with leftover tuna, chopped, red onions, red & green peppers, baby peas and some kind of dressing. Good Luck!

      1. Two nights ago I made this Cookling Light dish and it was a huge success. (I seared the tuna instead of grilling it with great results.) The sauce could be drizzled on the tuna after it is placed on a bed of greens with some diced avocado. The sauce is so good that my husband used the leftovers on a roastbeef sandwich.

        1. Thanks, everyone, for the great suggestions. Sounds like I need to break out the old cast iron skillet!

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            Also one of my hubby's very favorites.It is even better in his opinion with the
            addition of capers.Finished with at the end,fish is resting,run them around the pan with ???.You have lots of good things to choose from.

          2. I wanted to say again how much I appreciated the tips; I used them all. My husband said it was exactly what he would have ordered in a restaurant. And my kids loved it as well.

            I used a spring mix and added diced avocado and edamame. And I used the Cooking Light recipe below that was fabulous (with the wasabi cream sauce). And I did sear it in a pan - although I didn't use cast iron.

            However, the tuna was 1-1/2" thick and I seared it exactly 2 minutes on each side. I was surprised that it was what I would call medium --- pink inside. It wasn't rare at all. I guess next time I can just do a minute on each side - until I am able to eyeball it.....

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              Yum, thanks for reporting back, sounds delicious. I think I know what's for dinner tomorrow....

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                Glad you liked the Cooking Light recipe; I think it is great. Next, we are going to try the wasabi cream on some sort of asian take on eggs benadict.