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Aug 13, 2008 07:04 AM

Quick and good Baltimore pit stop?

My husband (pescavore) and I (omnivore) always used to stop at Afghan Kebob in Baltimore by the Inner Harbor for a quick, good meal before heading to NYC to avoid eating on the Turnpike.

Now it's not only gone, the whole block has vanished! Anyone know if they re-opened elsewhere, or know of any similar places that are fast and close to the highway on a NoVA-to-NYC run?

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  1. You can get off the highway at Rt 40 and get some pit beef. That would seem to be perfect as you can get it quick, eat right away and then back on the highway. There are a bunch of road side places and I seem to remember a thread that discusses the relative merits.

    If you miss Rt 40, there is a place off Rt 22 in Aberdeen called Fast Eddies that is VERY good.

    1. There is a terrific, inexpensive place on Rt. 24 (maybe a mile S of 95) at Philadelphia Road in Edgewood, near Bel Air, My Threee Sons. Italian and other diner/deli food, and I thin k they source a lot of their meat locally.