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Aug 13, 2008 06:45 AM

fun/good spots to eat near Inner Harbor/Fells Point

I'm heading to Baltimore with my husband next week and we've never been. We won't have a car so I'm looking for places within walking distance (or water taxi, or something like that) of where we're staying (Henderson's Wharf, which I guess is not far from the Inner Harbor or Fells Point). Moderate price range, any type of food (although we'd love to get some good crab cakes while we're there!), fun/laid back atmosphere. We'll be going to the baseball games each night so looking for good lunch/early dinner spots -- that don't focus on ballpark-type food as we'll get plenty of that.

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  1. There are tons of answers to this question if you search this board for "Inner Harbor," "Fells Point," "Crab cake" or "crabcake."

    BTW, Henderson's Wharf is right in Fells Point.

    1. Henningers Tavern is a few block walk from Henderson's Wharf in Fells Point

      1. Henderson's Wharf is going to be quite a walk to and from Camden Yards It's walkable, but it's a long one. That said you can get a good crab cake at either the aforementioned Henningers or at Duda's. Duda's is actually a bar, but they serve great food, and they're usually not too busy in the times you're looking into.

        I'd also recommend Mezze, a couple of doors down from Duda's. Really good Mediterranean small plates.

        1. Duda's is right across the street from Henderson's Wharf. Great bar food, and a good time.

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            > Duda's is right across the street from Henderson's Wharf.

            Not really, Henderson's Wharf is at the end of Fell St., the other side of Fells Point from Duda's. You're probably thinking of Brown's Wharf.

            1. re: Hal Laurent

              Oooops, exactly right Hal, I was thinking Brown's Wharf. Regardless, its a short walk.

          2. Duda's, Henninger's and/or Peter's Inn.

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