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Aug 13, 2008 12:12 AM

Best red velvet cake?--not cupcake!

So, I'm really tired of the traditional yellow cake with buttercream frosting. I don't think I can ingest any more of that frosting without feeling like my teeth are going to rot. I've decided to go with a red velvet cake for an upcoming birthday instead. I don't really have a preference between a vanilla and cream cheese frosting, but I would like some thoughts on where to find a great, moist red velvet cake!

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  1. Amy's bread does a nice red velvet by the slice. My friend got the moistest red velvet birthday cake from a lady called cookiefetishnyc.

    1. I really like the red velvet cake at Billy's Bakery. The chocolate is a little more ponounced and the cream cheese frosting is just the right balance of sweet and tart. Much better than the cloying buttercream at Magnolia.

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        Second Amy's and Billy's -- I think the latter actually makes their red velvet with no red food coloring.

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          I disagree. I had my bday cake which was a red velvet cake from Billy's and it was so dry. I actually had it for another party and felt the same way.

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            I think Balducci's red velvet might actually be from 2 Little Red Hens (as are most of their cakes).

          2. I do know this is the Manhattan board but for anyone who ventures into Brooklyn the "Five Spot Supper Club" on Myrtle Ave by Vanderbilt does it justice.

            1. Rack and Soul on the upper upper west side. And they deliver too!

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                The Rack and Soul Red Velvet comes from Make My Cake, a little further up in Harlem.

                Does anyone offer the Cake Man Raven red velvet cake in Manhattan? That would be a good one to try as well. My palate prefers the CMR version to the MMC.

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                  Not in Manhattan, but I read they were offering it at some locations of Applebee's in Brooklyn.

                  If you want to make your own, there's a recipe on