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Aug 12, 2008 11:40 PM

Your Single Ingredient Sublime One Bite

I was thinking this afternoon about how much I love things in their "pure" form, tomatoes off the vine...oh wait I like salt on those, fried chicken...wait that is prepared, summer melons...damn I need salt on those too. Got me thinking about just what it is that I find sublime, in just one bite without preperation like a dessert or finished a flavor freak I thought my head might just implode, then it hit me....Epoisses.
I know it is milk transformed into something else but I don't have to lay a hand on it for it to be perfect for me, that one spoonfull of salty, pungent, gooey cheese for me is as good as it gets. So Chowhounders, what does it for you? That one bite of perfect-ness, an apple, the little charred bit at the end of a roast beef or tri-tip, strawberries? I would have said a glass of wine but being in the trade makes that way too obvious...and rather trite.
Epoisses for me and_____________for you?

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  1. fresh berries and herbs from the garden. When I was 9 I tasted apricots fresh from the tree on my grandfather's ramch-perfection- certainly nothing else was needed.Then in my 20's I lived near a large fig tree. I passed the tree every day on my way to the beach. Another perfect taste -thiee ripe figs just waiting for me in the church yard -, just warm from the sun ripe figs, all I wanted, on my way to the beach.
    so many years ago, but such coear memories.

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    1. re: karenfinan

      Ripe figs were the first thing that came to mind. Perfect.

      1. Fresh, crusty bread
        raspberries...actually, berries of all kinds
        Greek yogurt
        cherry tomatoes, no salt needed for me

        1. Oysters.

          Natures perfect food. They come preseasoned and on their own plate/spoon.


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          1. re: Davwud

            Yes!!! I'm with you on the oysters. I feel that way with many shellfish/seafood - I'm in heaven just looking at seafood in it's raw form. I watched Todd English once while fishing, scoop out the cheek of the fish, eat it right there on the boat! Must be why I love sushi so much. No rice, no rolls, no fillers, just raw fish!!!

            And anything fresh out of a garden/farm stand.

            1. re: lexpatti

              Slight correction, lexpatti. What you like is sashimi. Sushi is always prepared with rice.

              1. re: KTinNYC

                Yes, I know - just keeping it simple/nonspecific. When I say I'm going out for sushi, it's generally speaking and mostly sashimi.

            2. re: Davwud

              beautiful fresh seafood would be my pick as well though oysters are probably tops for something like that... really any mullosk as i can't imagine scallops being better any other way than raw either.

              fruit fruit and more fruit a very close second though.

            3. The first bite of a thick cut, perfecty cooked, medium rare steak.