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Where are all the Hong Kong style cafes/restaurants?

These are prevalent in Vancouver, BC where I am from, and I can't seem to find any here. THey must exist? Can anyone help? I am desperate for my quick fix of HK style foods.

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  1. Last time I checked San Gabriel Valley's littered with 'em. Though their popularity seems to have waned since the late nineties.


    1. Alhambra. I'm not sure which are still open -- as elmo said, they've waned in popularity so there aren't so many. Regent Cafe I know has closed but it's never been anything but an HK-style cafe (is this still true)?

      If you're looking for a cha chaan teng, try Phoenix Food Boutique.

      1. They may be prevalent in Richmond, but I wouldn't say they are prevalent in Vancouver. Similarly they are prevalent in parts of the San Gabriel Valley: Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel, and east along the 60 Fwy.

          1. Red Ant
            Fortune Bistro
            Tasty Choice
            DJ Cafe
            U2 Cafe
            Ritz Garden
            Tasty Garden
            Regent Cafe
            Sunday Bistro

            Lots more choices, but those should get you started ...

            1. Are you kidding? There's one on every block in Monterey Park, Alhambra, San Gabriel and Arcadia. Not as many if you go east into Hacienda Heights or Rowland Heights, though. Sika in Alhambra is open 24 hours.

              1. Where are you located? At least in the West SGV, they are everywhere. I personally prefer Tasty Garden in Arcadia. Here are just a few of them:

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                  ok, sorry everyone. I should have specified that I am new to South Bay, and not able to drive around too much for the time being in search of what I am looking for. And Vancouver is FULL of them!

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                    The difference between LA and Vancouver is that LA has what is effectively one huge Chinatown in the San Gabriel Valley with several hundred Chinese restaurants, plus a few other pockets of Chinese influence (e.g., Chinatown, Cerritos, Irvine). In the South Bay you have areas of Lomita and Torrance that have some authentic Chinese food (Cantonese, Taiwanese, boba, and one Shanghai place), but not the full complement (e.g., cafes). There are some good Chinese restaurants scattered elsewhere throughout the LA area, but there are also large swaths that are completely devoid of anything good (e.g., most of the San Fernando Valley and points north and west from there, most of central L.A. west of Chinatown towards the westside). Consequently you need to operate within this framework.

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                      All you need to do is drive down Valley Blvd. between Alhambra and go east all the way to Rosemead. You will find plenty of fixes for HK cafe style restaurant. You will also find plenty on east cross street such as Valley and Garfield Ave., San Gabriel Blvd, Atlantic Blvd... etc.

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                        Chandavki, that's no different from Vancouver. Richmond is equivalent to the San Gabriel Valley (although even better). But outside of Richmond into the City of Vancouver it is not much different than LA (although again the quality is better than greater LA).

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                        toutefrite, I just came back from Vancouver couple of weeks ago, and Vancouver is definitely not full of HK style cafes. Richmond, maybe, but not Vancouver.

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                          PeterL, perhaps only having lived there my entire life and nowhere else on this particular continent has given me no accurate reference point by which to compare. "Full of" is not exactly quantitative. GVA was always full of options.

                          Thanks to everyone else for the suggestions and frameworks.

                    2. Try Hong Kong Palace, on Colima in Rowland Heights, east of the northeast corner of Colima and Nogales. It's a nice room, well-lighted (in true Chinese style) with lots of live seafood and a very broad menu. Pretty good and not particularly pricey. I've taken friends from HK there and gotten compliments.

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                        Unfortunately, compared to Chinese food in the Vancouver area, local Chinese food, albeit the best in the USA, pales by comparison. Last time I came back from Vancouver I could bear to eat any Chinese food in SGV for a full month. I wouldn't be surprised if there are dozens of Chinese restaurants in Vancouver better than the best Chinese restaurants in Monterey Park or San Gabriel.

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                          Probably more.

                          Just dumpling restaurants alone, I would say Vancouver has SGV outflanked.

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                          Hong Kong Palace isn't a HK style cafe though. If the poster is looking for one in South Bay, I guess I don't know of any. There's a Sea Empress in Gardena, but that's dim sum/cantonese seafood and it's subpar when you compare it to Vancouver Cantonese.

                          In Rowland Heights the HK style cafes are:
                          Garden Cafe
                          Boston Cafe
                          Red Ant

                          I probably missed a few. Red Ant's the best out of the lot I tried.

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                            Yes, I tried Sea Empress, and as you said, it really is the HK style I am looking for. I appreciate everyone's suggestions and will duly ferret them out. I don't expect to replicate my hometown experiences, but something to tie me over would be great.

                        3. Try Four Seasons Cafe in Cerritos.