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Aug 12, 2008 09:54 PM

Help! Rehearsal Dinner - 100+, Montgomery Co.


Two SF Bay Area Chowhounds getting married at Normandy Farm in Blue Bell (so the grandparents don't have to fly to be with us). Unfortunately, that means all of our guests will be coming in from out of town, and we'd like to feed them the night before.

Any recommendations for cost-effective dinner options? (under 30/person for food) Are there any BYOs outside the city? (we might have some extra room in the budget for wine/beer.) We're up for casual sit-down, family-style, buffet, catering hall, whatever, as long as it's tasty. Within a 30 min drive of Blue Bell is ideal, but we're flexible there.

Recommendations from other sources get panned here: Gen Lafayette Inn, Solaris Grille, etc., and the places that we've seen in positive posts seem either too small or too pricey...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I would contact the William Penn Inn, which is close to that location. You could probably arrange a very nice dinner for $25 a person. Reliable, varied menu, and they do lots of large functions.
    I don't think there are any byob's that can handle that number of people.

    1. If you're open to Chinese, Lai Lai Garden ( on route 202 is about 5-10 minutes from Normandy Farm. They have a banquet room and a liquor license. I have never had their banquet food, but we have found the food on the regular menu to be decent to good. It is a nice looking restaurant.

      Bourbon on route 202 in Blue Bell (5 minutes from Normandy Farms) has a banquet room in the back. The food is "upscale american continental" (my words


      722 Dekalb Pike
      Blue Bell, PA 19422
      (610) 272-5780

      Mirna's Cafe in Blue Bell (same small shopping center as Bourbon) does banquets, but they do not have a private room so you may have to work around their main dinner hour ( Menu is Italian influenced.

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        Thanks to you both!

        We checked out the William Penn Inn - very nice place, but we're getting married the Sunday of Labor Day weekend '09. So, with the rehearsal on a Saturday, a place like that is looking to host a wedding or something fancier that night...

        We'll look at Lai Lai and Bourbon, and report back if they work.

        (and of course, still accepting any other suggestions!)

        1. re: LittleEgg

          I second Lai Lai. Large facility, nice people and good food. Would be something a little different for your guests.

      2. Its tough to get a BYO to accomodate a party that size, most are smaller spaces. Ariana's in North Wales is BYO, has good food and reasonable prices and they are fairly large and may be able to accomodate if you "rent" the whole restaurant.

        Agave in Ambler can do private parties and I beleive they accomodate to 100. Food is pretty good, tex mex, nice fun atmosphere if you are looking for something a little different. It is not BYO but their menu is fairly reasonable.

        If your guest list gets cut back to below 50 then a whole world of options would open up in terms of BYOs.

        Good luck!

        1. You might want to consider Maggiano's in King of Prussia. They definitely have the big private room you would need and reasonable prices.