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Aug 12, 2008 09:39 PM

Merriman's Kapalua . . . Anyone been?

I have very fond memories of dining at Merriman's on the Big Island about 12 years ago and I am interested to know if anyone has been to the new one at Kapalua.

We are are going to Maui for a week and staying at Kaanapali--Westin Ocean Villas---and are looking to branch out for our dining choices. The last couple of times we went we have eaten at Roy's and others, but now we have a 20 month old and will have to eat earlier with the baby and only will get a babysitter for one or two nights.

Any suggestions in the area?

What are opinions on the Pineapple Grill??

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  1. does anyone have any thoughts on Merriman's?

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      so sorry for my post, i read the date wrong here...thought it was from long ago.

    2. I was at both in June. Although I did not eat a full meal there everything I had was really good an excellent representation of the creativity and absolutely fresh produce from the island. I was at a reception for the Kapalua Wine & Food Festival with so many items to choose from it was mind blowing. The executive chef was formerly the corporate chef for Jean Marie Josselin (A Pacific Cafe numerous locations) and recently for Tri-Star (Sarento's, Son'Z, Nick's, Aaaron's etc.). Friends have eaten dinner there and really enjoyed it. I would have liked to try lunch but service was to begin in July. You can't go wrong with the amazing location oceanfront with commanding views. The wine program is excellent and if Cass is there and he probably will be he'll have great suggestions to pair with your meal. I would go again just for the setting.

      I went to Pineapple Grill for a winemaker dinner and the food was phenomenal. An array of tastes, techniques and variety made me want to eat there again.