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Aug 12, 2008 09:32 PM

Le Grande Orange Recommendations?

Please help me efficently patronize Le Grande Orange. I am in town from San Diego for a few days, and I have already once visited this renowned grocery. I found it very tightly-packed and overpriced. Due to time constraints, I quickly purchased a baguette and gourmet cheeses. I have read about its wonderful food selection.
Although I am unhappy about its lack of parking (today several of us patrons had no choice but to valet park), due to my foodie cravings, I'd love to give it another try. Any suggestions on the lunch picks--other than pizza? The valley has so many wonderful options for the Italian pie, I'd rather skip that. So Phoenix CH posters, what's the best bet for lunch at LGO? A caveat--I am vegetarian.

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  1. I'd recommend the Commuter w/ avocado.

    1. I recommend Mia's Pancakes, and I also recommend getting there around 10am if possible, as you should beat the lunch rush and avoid the morning traffic. I personally love their pizza, and they serve it early on Fridays. BTW if you like english muffins, take some to-go.

      1. If you found LGO "very tightly-packed and overpriced" (an assessment I generally agree with), why go back for more punishment?

        For good vegetarian eats near LGO, try Pita Jungle at 44th & Indian School, with an extensive selection of meatless Mediterranean dishes. There's also Bertha's Cafe at 40th & Thomas with a tasty asparagus and havarti panino on the menu.

        Pita Jungle
        4340 E Indian School Rd Ste 17, Phoenix, AZ 85018

        2916 N 40th St, Phoenix, AZ 85018

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        1. re: silverbear

          sorry but uchhhhh!! do not go to Bertha's how can you even compare La Grandes Fab food to bertha's? Sorry Silverbear.

          BTW get the tuna sandwich at la grande or the sushi, mediterranean plate or any sandwich for that matter.

          Finish up with an ooey gooey cupcake. The best cupcake in town.

          1. re: drewb123

            Well, count me as a fan of Bertha's. I have had consistently great sandwiches there along with a few very good pastries.

            1. re: Seth Chadwick

              I want to like Bertha's, but with Sack's, LGO and Acacia Cafe close by for a sandwich, I'm hard-pressed to find a reason to go. I certainly can't argue about the pastries though.

              1. re: azhotdish

                Wow!! i don't know I like independents but i seriously thought the breakfast was gross and the mini red velvet cupcake was ice cold and stale-like. I am sticking to my opinion abt Bertha's.

                Sacks is good have had a locarb wrap sandwich a couple of times for the money it is good but gourmet lunch is la grande all the way.

                Not sure if you guys have trid low down but is is fab u get a wrap lgish choc chip home made cookie, sun chips and a drink for abt $8 it is a fave of my husband and I. It is Osborn and 24th street I beleive.

                1. re: drewb123

                  Yes I think you're right, Lowdown used to be at 24th St/Campbell but haven't been to their new location yet.

                  1. re: azhotdish

                    still the same great place. Google it is is never mentionrd on the board. I mentioned it once ot twice but it really is a hidden gem

                    1. re: drewb123

                      here you go everyone must try

                      Low Down Cafe
                      2407 E Osborn Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

                      1. re: drewb123

                        I think Low down is closed-SAD NEWS!

                  2. re: drewb123

                    Now, I remember, the microwaved eggs. I never understood your outrage over that (drewb123), but, I probably won't be having breakfast, at Bertha's.

                    For all I know, the Asparagus and Havarti Panini is the only good thing on the menu, but, it's good. It's pretty much the only thing I've had.

                    1. re: johnseberg

                      johnseberg- thanks for being on my side. I sometimes feel people put bertha's too be cool on this board to say something diff. but hell I will never go back.

                      I love overeasy for breakfast if im not personally cooking and that's abt it. there is a mexican joint on 32nd and thomas very clean that i have gotten bkfst burritos at and sprouts i have bought bkfst burriots at but other than that stay at home

          2. English muffins. Stock up, they freeze well.

            1. Their salads in the cold case are all good. I think their tuna fish is the best I've ever had - either with the salad nicoise or on the sandwich.