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where to buy ravioli

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looking for best ravioli for a dinner party. great selection of uncooked ravioli. places below 23rd street preffered.

Thank you in advance

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  1. You can buy ravies at Bruno the King of Ravioli on 2nd between 23rd and 22nd (other location is 282 1st Avenue; i think thats around 19th ish ).

      1. Raffetto's on West Houston (btwn Sullivan and MacDougal)

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          I don't like Bruno's raviolis, not a bit. I would just travel to The Pasta Factory -686 E. 187th St in the Bronx. I live near Bruno on 1st Avenue but I travel weekly to get pasta from this place in the Bronx. Cheap, very fresh & good.

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            I second Raffetto's. And they're also incredibly reasonably priced. I've been going there for over 20 years, and they've hardly raised the prices -- think it has something to do with them owning the building.

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              I 3d it. They also sell at Balducci's.

          2. You gotta go to Bruno's...great selection of very fresh ravioli.

            1. I always loved the ravioli from The Ravioli Store, in part because I think they are a bit smaller than those available at some other places and more delicate. They've closed the store, but just checked and they are available at Fairway and Food Emporium, which might actually cause me to enter FE to see which ones they carry.


              http://www.raviolistore.com/docs/ravi... - loved the wild mushroom, five cheese, lobster, aged goat cheese, and boy does that potato and black truffle in chive pasta sound good!