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Aug 12, 2008 09:21 PM

Update on Cupcakes in Phoenix Area

Kudos to my CH posters who recommended Sugarlips Bakery in Mesa. After a few disappointing trips to Sprinkles and an unsatiated craving for quality cupcakes, I tried Sugarlips thanks to the the posters. First I patronized Le Grande Orange with the hopes of trying out one of their cupcakes. I was shocked to find they charge $3 and up for miniscule cupcakes, and with that I headed off to Mesa. I am happy to report that the cupcakes at Sugarlips were moist, delectable, and very reasonably-priced. I purchased and sampled the triple choclate with buttercream, a strawberry and almond cupcake. My favorite was by far the chocolate one. It is always a pleasure to support a locally-owned business that turns out a stellar product. . For anyone in the area also craving these now-trendy desserts, I suggest you check out Sugarlips.

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  1. One that I'd like to try some time soon that I just saw today is Lulu's Cupcakes, on the southeast corner of McDowell and Miller, behind the Denny's. Has anyone else beat me to the punch on this one?

    Lulu's Cupcakes
    7607 E Mcdowell Rd # 108, Scottsdale, AZ

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    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

      I've never set food inside the actual Lulu's store, but I sampled the product a few months ago during the Modern Phoenix home tour in southern Scottsdale. Lulu's cupcakes were being given out in several of the homes. They were delicious, and I need to visit the store sometime -- maybe in combination with a trip to Pop the Soda Shop, which is nearby.

    2. Now-trendy?

      Cupcakes are so 2007.

      And they should cost $3 a pop. It takes a lot of time and overhead to run a cupcake shop. They aren't making money off cocktails or other higher end revenue streams.

      The new-hip things are mexican birthday cakes, with the best selection being at Rach Market on 16th St. & Roosevelt. Thank the show "Ace of Cakes"

      Think cupcakes on steroids.

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      1. re: tastyjon

        True, cupcakes, particularly in L.A., have been trendy for a few years now. But for those of us of Mexican descent, its comical to read about the trendiness of Mexican birthday cakes. Guess its all about what we're familiar with and what's new to us. Le Grande Orange does jsut fine with sales of their pizza and various bakery products, so I'm not sure how they can justify charging that much for tiny cupcakes.

        1. re: ginael

          "so I'm not sure how they can justify charging that much for tiny cupcakes."

          In business you can take the attitude of, "I will charge as much as people are willing to cough up for my widget/cupcake/sandwich." This is the model they subscribe to.

          Mex-Am that I am, I'm not even a huge fan of Mexican birthday cakes. Too much stuff going on for my taste, but the kiddos love them. Hip? Trendy? Now that's rich.