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Aug 12, 2008 08:39 PM


We are going to vegas this weekend and want to have a good dinner! we are eating at the sw steakhouse on friday and shabuya on saturday. i want to go somewhere outstanding but my girlfriend isn't the most adventures type. she likes beef but not a seafood lover. she is a pasta nut. i want a restaurant that will blow our minds. psi also like restaurants that are visually stunning.too. help chowhounds help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Got wheels? Rosemary's is 1/2-price wines on Sundays. Excellent steak preps...

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      1. re: climberdoc

        Only the money I've spent on countless fabulous meals. lol

      2. re: ThaGroovinGourmet

        i agree with rosemary's on sunday! half price on all of the wine except for DRC :)
        i had alban reva for $80 and el nido clio for $50! almost below retail if you can find it!
        wed night at rosemary's is 50% off on ladies bill ;)

      3. Pasta to blow your mind......if you've not been to Babbo, go to B+B. I don't favor the "iron chef celebrity" thing (Morimoto, Flay.....yawn. Symon I have yet to try but will this weekend at Lola) but Batalli redefines amazing Italian.

        You're already doing Steak and sushi anyhow. If not French, then Italian!

        1. thanks for your help. i will put up my reviews by earlynext week