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Aug 12, 2008 08:38 PM

Teavolve in Harbor East

Anyone else loving the new Teavolve in Harbor East? Can't get enough of their Belgian waffles with organic fruit toppings, blended coffee drinks and comfy seating. It's a great spot to get some work done and the staff don't mind if you want to stick around a while. Lately I've been striking out at getting a seat at bluehouse so it's nice Teavolve is only a block away. If you haven't been, it's worth the visit...especially if you love teas -- hot or bubble.

Some more reviews and photos at

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  1. Yeah, their new space is beautiful. And you will not meet two nicer people than the owners Del and Sunni.

    1. I really enjoy the teas and the food at Teavolve & I adore Sunni. But...I gotta say they're new space just seems cold to me. I much prefer the ambience at the original location. Unfortunately, it is only open for special functions now.

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        it's definitely not cold in the literal sense...I've found myself sweating in the back section around midday. However, I can see your point about the difference from the original location. The Harbor East spot is much more, well, Harbor East. Modern and sleek and much less cozy. I think it works for the crowd and new lounge direction...especially if they are adding alcohol drinks and later hours.