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Aug 12, 2008 08:02 PM

Indian spice & Thai supplies-Edmonton?

Hi again,

Yep I'm trying to stocked a ethnic kitchen and now I need some good sources for stocking up my Indian Spice part of my cupboard. Preferably on in the downtown area or close to a bus stop.

I'm also looking for the best one stop store for Thai food. My Thai mum is not happy that I'm not making my own and that I order in Extra points if they actually sell Thai books/magazines/newspapers so I can send her some



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  1. I know you mentioned downtown, but I really suggest making the trek down to 34 Ave and 92 Street. On the north side of the 34th, there is a great shop (Spice Center or Spice Bazaar) that is a complete one stop shop. Plus, I have always found the owner to be extremely helpful in my quest for new ingredients and free cooking tips.

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      Thanks...I will see if i can route out a bus trip there and check it out..Maybe I can stock up on quite a bit to make a potentially hour bus trip worth it:) Grrr sometimes being carfree.

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        I used to take the bus to 34th for supplies regularly....there is an H&W produce down there as well as Pita the Great for pita bread and lebanese/middle eastern groceries as well as Indian all within several blocks' walk. Definitely work the trek once in a while.

    2. another great place to check out that is a whole lot closer to downtown is E-Zee Mart @ 8611 - 109th St. They do great take out food there also!

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