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Aug 12, 2008 07:36 PM

Mother's Cookies Circus Animals

Sadly, I have finally figured out that these cookies are not sold on the East Coast. Anyone know if there is an equivalent East Coast version?

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  1. That's too bad, my husband just loves them, and loves the special occasion ones too. He still has a few bags of the fourth of July ones. He loves to give those to unsupecting people, because of the intense color. He keeps them in the freezer. Good luck, try the internet for mail order.

    1. Hi- where do you live? When I lived in NJ I would see these (ok, maybe I bought them too, just maybe once or twice!) at like A&P or Stop-n-Shop. These are the pink and white iced animal crackers with tiny ball sprinklies, yes? Yeah I just googled them. I didn't know they were so elusive! You can buy them online if you want to pay $20 for 3 bags... Yikes. The company is now Archway & Mothers (more googling) and the HQ are in Battlecreek MI.

      1. In Boston they are sold as Archway brand and I found them on the bottom shelf under the "regular" Archway cookies.