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Date - W. Vill/SoHo: Mod. priced French w/atmosphere

Hey all, for a third date, I'm planning to pair a movie from the French New Wave series at Film Forum with, of course, French food.

Looking for rec's in the West Village/SoHo vicinity, somewhere relaxed where we can take our time, ideally not too loud, and would like to get out the door for under $100 max (glass of wine each, appetizer, 2 mains), though closer to $75 would be better, trying to keep it somewhat casual as it's still only a third date and it will be a weeknight.

No clue what the weather will be like, but in the event it's nice, the option for outdoor seating would be welcome.

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  1. Le Gigot in W Village came to mind. Very cozy and food is quite food. It may be pushing your $100 limit, but if you don't have dessert (which you didn't mention), then I think you will be ok.

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      Second Le Gigot. Lovely. We had a corner table and dined early so noise was not an issue for us. Only caveat is it's a small place and can get lively and noisy.

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        Le Gigot is really cozy and probably your closest nice French option to the FF. But I would maybe save that one for a $150 night (though $100-$120 is doable).

      2. Jarnac has very good food and a charming, cozy atmosphere with well-spaces tables and excellent service..

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          I was about to say Jarnac myself.

          1. You should consider Jean Claude on Sullivan (Houston/Prince). If you go, try the skate. It's just a few blocks from the Film Forum. Also, I think the price point at JC is lower than at Le Gigot; I know you will have a lot of trouble staying within your budget at Raoul's. I have eaten at Jarnac on a few occassions and although it is undeniably charming, I have always been underwhelmed by the food.

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              Even Jarnac sounds like it might be a little tough to stay under $100 (not that I mind spending it, but as I mentioned, only a third date, and a week night). I went to Raoul's a solid year and a half ago but I remember it being rather expensive, and from what I've read on the boards lately, it's gone down hill a bit.

              Jean Claude looks good to me, any other comments on it?

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                Used to be one of my favorite restaurants in the area. BUT I haven't been for at least 4 years, so no idea if it's still as tasty as it used to be. Back then, they hanger steak was wonderful with a very rich pan sauce. And the fois gras was a steal.

            2. I went to Le Jardin Bistro (on Cleveland, just across the street from La Esquina) for brunch and they have a really cute garden terrace out back. Prices were reasonable and the food was pretty good. But this was over a year ago...and I've never had dinner there.

              1. Perhaps La Sirène? It's within walking distance of the theater.

                1. There's the Le Gamin location on Houston, just east of 6th ave. If it's still there, I'd recommend it for a very reasonable French meal. Good crepes and coffee, too.

                  Cafe Noir is French-influenced. They are further down in soho, and serve a lot of shareable plates, as I recall. Good drinks and louder atmosphere.

                  1. Where did you go after all? BTW, it was not (it is not) a French new wave series, but a French crime wave (that is, French film noir) series. (I've been going everyday, that day I watched Borsalino).

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                      Plans changed for a different night...wound up going to Bar Pitti for dinner, and yes I realized it was crime and not new, we saw Bresson's A Man Escaped. I do have Jean Claude in my back pocket though and want to get over there soon.

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                        I would have said Mas, on Downing, only based on ambiance. Haven't gotten a chance to eat there yet. Anyone know if it's any good? And what is that bar across the street from there?

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                          I think Mas is very pricey though, if I recall correctly. We were rather astounded by our bill - it's been quite a while since we went so, while I recall enjoying the food on both occasions (and no, we weren't astounded by the bill the second time), I can't comment on how it is now.