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Aug 12, 2008 07:12 PM

Date - W. Vill/SoHo: Mod. priced French w/atmosphere

Hey all, for a third date, I'm planning to pair a movie from the French New Wave series at Film Forum with, of course, French food.

Looking for rec's in the West Village/SoHo vicinity, somewhere relaxed where we can take our time, ideally not too loud, and would like to get out the door for under $100 max (glass of wine each, appetizer, 2 mains), though closer to $75 would be better, trying to keep it somewhat casual as it's still only a third date and it will be a weeknight.

No clue what the weather will be like, but in the event it's nice, the option for outdoor seating would be welcome.

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  1. Le Gigot in W Village came to mind. Very cozy and food is quite food. It may be pushing your $100 limit, but if you don't have dessert (which you didn't mention), then I think you will be ok.

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      Second Le Gigot. Lovely. We had a corner table and dined early so noise was not an issue for us. Only caveat is it's a small place and can get lively and noisy.

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        Le Gigot is really cozy and probably your closest nice French option to the FF. But I would maybe save that one for a $150 night (though $100-$120 is doable).

      2. Jarnac has very good food and a charming, cozy atmosphere with well-spaces tables and excellent service..

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          I was about to say Jarnac myself.

          1. You should consider Jean Claude on Sullivan (Houston/Prince). If you go, try the skate. It's just a few blocks from the Film Forum. Also, I think the price point at JC is lower than at Le Gigot; I know you will have a lot of trouble staying within your budget at Raoul's. I have eaten at Jarnac on a few occassions and although it is undeniably charming, I have always been underwhelmed by the food.

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              Even Jarnac sounds like it might be a little tough to stay under $100 (not that I mind spending it, but as I mentioned, only a third date, and a week night). I went to Raoul's a solid year and a half ago but I remember it being rather expensive, and from what I've read on the boards lately, it's gone down hill a bit.

              Jean Claude looks good to me, any other comments on it?

              1. re: fishermb

                Used to be one of my favorite restaurants in the area. BUT I haven't been for at least 4 years, so no idea if it's still as tasty as it used to be. Back then, they hanger steak was wonderful with a very rich pan sauce. And the fois gras was a steal.

            2. I went to Le Jardin Bistro (on Cleveland, just across the street from La Esquina) for brunch and they have a really cute garden terrace out back. Prices were reasonable and the food was pretty good. But this was over a year ago...and I've never had dinner there.