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Aug 12, 2008 07:09 PM

Paparazzi - Framingham - Needs Time

Had my second visit to the new Paparazzi in Framingham tonight. First visit was 2nd day after opening. Was flooded with wait staff and management attention. So much so that courses arrived what seemed like seconds after ordering.

Tonight just the opposite. Basic first course salads served to guests about 10 minutes apart....and we're talking basic salads. Beverages (coke, a glass of wine and 2 waters) were ordered upon arrival but weren't delivered until after salad course had begun. Main courses were delivered in a reasonable time but we placed at all the wrong seats causing a major juggle. A fifth order was delivered despite having only four at our table.

Spaghetti and clams were bland and uninspired..I found myself picking clam shell shards out of my by mouth.

Gnocchi was pretty good.

Portabello Tortellini was by far the highlight.

Penne con Pollo sauce was decent but penne was pulled out about 3 minutes before al dente. Some of the noodles were tough to bend with my fingers.

Ordered another glass of wine about halfway thru main course and it had never arrived by the time we got our check,

Considering the attention to detail at many of the back Bay Restaurant Group establishments, I'm somewhat surprised that this opening has been getting consistently bad reviews from most local foodies I speak with. There seems to be a huge disproportion of management types roaming around asking about "your experience" at the expense of worker bee's at tables and in the kitchen.

Please note I understand that Iwe're talking Paparazzi, so the expectations should be pretty low from the start vis a vis North End and other local Italian favorites. I suppose I was just hoping that the price:performance ratio was a bit better than the Bennigan's it replaced.

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  1. This place needs more than time. I had such a bad experience there is was shocked.

    As soon as we sat down we ordered a bottle of wine and a bottle of sparkling. It took over 15 minutes to get our wine and when it did come IT WAS ALREADY OPEN! I couldm't believe it. And to top it off they didn't pour my taste, they just poured out the bottle in our glasses.

    Shocked already, we ordered our salads, panzanella, ceasar, and the others with balsamic. The first two salads weren't bad, but the ones with balsamic were so acidic it was abrasive in our mouths.

    30 minutes later we got out main courses. Linguini with clam sauce, clams way over cooked while the pasta way under cooked. Risotto with absolutely no flavor. It was like they cooked it in water with no seasoning what so ever. A pizza that came out cold, tasting like nothing but capers and about 5 minutes before everything else and a veal special that was reminiscent of Cardboard.

    The desserts we go were actually decent though. The one with grilled fruit and a blueberry crisp.

    4 people $200. Crappy food and crappy service. I really hope they get it together, because this area needs more good food! Sel de la Terre is the best restaurant with in a couple miles if you ask me, but you can only eat at one place so often.

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      I should have added the same passion and detail as you bostinrich. Exactly the same experience and disappointment. I'm a huge fan of Geoff Gardner and Sel de la Terre in Natick and Boston. But I must admit even they have had spotty service and quality over the last few months. But the second place finishers are miles away from Framingham both in distance and quality....Blue Ginger being the closest competitor ?

    2. Jeez, does this makes the Olive Garden look like a serious option or what?
      Just kidding, just kidding!


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        All kidding aside, Bertucci's across the street would blow Paparazzi away if tonight's experience was any indication. Plus you get raw dough to play with while waiting instead of getting as your pasta course.