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Aug 12, 2008 06:53 PM

Old Fart from NE needs hip recs in Minneapolis for wedding gift

My daughter's hip friend lives in Hopkins, MN and is getting married in the fall. We'd like to send a gift cert to a great restaurant in the Minneapolis area as a wedding present. Need advice from you way cool 30-somethings. Love, YiaYia

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  1. What kind of food does she like? What kind of "cool" is she? Is she trendy and likes uptown, or is she more of a downtown girl? Does she stay away from the scene, but likes classic cool? And is the scene more important than the food?

    Off the top of my head:
    Fuji Ya in Lyn-Lake

    1. Perahps focusing too much on the word "hip," but what comes to mind with that word are Cafe Maude, Heidi's, Nick and Eddie, Masa, Cafe Lurcat, jp American Bistro. Probably more, but that's the 10-second repsonse.

      1. I wouldn't call it hip, it's definitely more traditional, but my absolute favorite special occasion restaurant is Murray's. The Silver Butterknife is the most delicious piece of meat a carnivore has ever eaten. Of course, this would be assuming that they are meat eaters...

        1. If you mean the kind of hip that would be a graphic designer for a corporation, appreciative of finer dining and culinary artistry in a casual atmosphere, I'd go with 112 Eatery or Cosmos. Comfortably on the border of hip and trendy, yet established enough places to know it'll be an outstanding meal and appreciated gift.

          If you mean hip as in a true hipster, someone who has any combination of the following qualities: Rides a fixed gear bike, goes to MCAD, works in a low-level non-profit job, is a starving artist, has a lot of body art....I would recommend One on One Bike Studio or Cars R Coffins. Both are seriously great urban bike shops with coffee and baked goods and, in the case of One on One, excellent sandwiches, soups, etc. You don't need to be a cyclist to appreciate either place and if you give a gift certificate from either place, you too will become known as "hip".

          If you mean hip as somewhere between the two above and seemingly very concerned about the environment, I would go with Red Stag Supper Club.

          I'm afraid I have to gently dissent with SaSa when it comes to Murray's. The only relationship between Murray's and hip is the replacement surgery that 99% of its patrons have recently had.

          Good luck. Sounds like a great gift idea.

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          1. I whole-heartedly agree on the 'hipness' of Murray's. However, I will spend my evening with those potentially stuffy traditionalist and the 'early bird special-ers' (even though they don't have an early bird special...) for that slab of beef any day! But, I suppose for the purpose of being hip, something like 112 Eatery and the like are a great bet.

            1. re: SaSa11

              I hear you. But it's hilarious to imagine some of my friends who fit the mold of my second description walking into Murray's and being like:


              I'd never hear the end of it.

            2. re: MSPD

              You guys are the best. I'm enjoying your repartee and expertise so much that I think I'll share the link w/ the bride and let her decide.
              Love, YiaYia

              1. re: oopboromom

                P.S. I shared this link with the bride, and she thanks you all for your suggestions, loved the banter and said they'd like either 20.21 or Lurcat. Just got off the phone w/ Josie @ Lurcat. She was delightfully helpful, even springing for the 42 cent stamp to mail the cert. as opposed to 20.21 who would have imposed a $12. DHL charge. Oy! I'm sure the B&G will have a memorable evening thanks to you hounds. Love, YiaYia