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Aug 12, 2008 06:36 PM

Help at Palate Food + Wine

I'm planning to go to Glendale's Palate food + wine this week, and i'm not sure what to order! i read all the reviews and everything sounds great.
One of the people i'm going with doesn't eat meat, are there any good seafood/pasta/vegetable dishes that you would recommend?

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  1. There are tons of pescatarian options. My vegetarian friends loved the squash blossoms, the pickles, the asparagus with egg and the cheese plate (and I did too).

    I had the scallops once and found them not as special as everything else we had. You may want to work around that dish if it is still on the menu.

    1. Hope you already have your reservation. Palate is the featured restaurant review in today's Food section of the L.A. Times, and Virbila gave it a very impressive rating. Many SoCal 'hounds have issues with her, but you can bet that the place will be packed for the near future. Her review describes much of the menu, but she seemed to like pretty much everything so I guess you'll be left ordering what appeals to your tastes and fits your dietary restrictions.

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        Could you elaborate on the SIV point? Just curious if hounds share my own criticisms of her -- primarily that she can put inordinate focus on ambience above food -- and/or what other issues hounds have with her reviews.

      2. They have wonderful fish dishes.
        I have had the halibit, the scallops, and the sea bass...the sea bass being my favorite.
        Now, it's usually one fish of the night, these were enjoyed on 3 different occaisions.
        They have a great stemed veggie thing that is hearty and delicious. The tomato salad that was on the menu last night looked amazing but I got the fresh vegetable soup that was excellent. There are many options, and the cheese plate and the bread and butter can sustain me for years! Mmmm.

        1. I'm going this Saturday and I'm excited. They were booked 2 weeks in advance for a Saturday night.

          1. Everything sounds great! I've made my reservation for tomorrow (which i called one week ahead)... I tried making one a couple months ago (called the day before) and they told me they were booked for the whole week!

            I definitely have pretty high expectations for this place!