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Aug 12, 2008 06:20 PM

Do you brine only, brine and rub, or just rub chicken prior to smoking?

Just wondering what your thoughts are. I am playing with my new smoker (Nothing fancy, but I love simplicity - Great outdoors smokey mountain gas smoker), and have had great success with chicken and salmon so far (still working on perfecting my ribs, been doing them dry rub and smoke only, no mopping, basting or saucing.)

I have been dry rubbing with a rub recipe I got off the kosher salt box - which has fantastic flavor. The chicken i've been smoking at 215F with mesquite for about 4 hours. i've tried just plain water in the water pan and i've tried miller lite (same thing?), both of which seem to taste the same to me.

I've been brining the salmon in kosher salt, water and brown sugar, which turned out incredible, but I was wondering if brining chicken would be worth the effort.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I use kosher chickens and use a dry rub -

    1. I've recently brined chicken (and salmon) with salt and bottled Jose Quervo Tequila mixer (with the tequila) overnight with VERY good results in the electric smoker.

      1. I'm also a dry rubber to date, but I have heard great things about brining. I will usually also stuff my bird's cavity with either lemon balm leaf, or kefir lime leaf, and place some rub between the skin and the flesh - also with a few leaves. The flesh comes out lemon/limey fragrant - highly suggest giving it a try.