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Aug 12, 2008 06:12 PM

Thai or Mexican Groceries in Rome

Yes, this is a little crazy, but since I saw some good responses to a question about English meals in Rome I thought I would try.

This summer, we hosted for 5 weeks the Roman 16-year-old daughter of family friends. Among the things she enjoyed here were my sriracha sauce and some fresh salsa of simply roasted serranos and roasted tomatoes.

Now, I haven't been able to turn up much in the way of Thai or Mexican groceries in Rome -- no surprises there. Chinese stores, yes, and in the USA I can usually count on a Chinese market to have sriracha, but I don't know about Roma. Nothing at all Mexican, but maybe my Italian's just not good enough to formulate the right web search. I'd like to help her find these things in Rome and contribute just a touch to better Thai or Mexican food in Rome.


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  1. the web is a wonderful thing. Fresh hot peppers should be in the produce markets - they might not be serrano but they will be hot. Probably in the public market near Termini mentioned in the attached article would be a good place to try for peppers also given that it is a focus for africans and south asians

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      Thanks! That looks like a good place to send her way.