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Aug 12, 2008 06:10 PM

Fine dining in Sarnia

Hi, does anyone know of any good restaurants in Sarnia? I'll be there celebrating a friend's B-Day and would like to take them to a nice restaurant .... any ideas are welcome.

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  1. The places to go, not all fancy, (since to me it's about the food, not the fancy) not all "birthday dinner" places, but all special:

    1. John's Restaurant, a Greek diner for the best breakfasts in town.
    2. Sicily, many say it is the best Italian in town
    3. Purdy's Fisheries, right on the river.They catch their own lake fish. Not fancy, but the best fresh fish can be.
    4. French fries from a truck under the bridge for a snack. Better than Jamie Kennedy's.
    5. My personal favourite, Salvatores Trattoria under the bridge in Point Edward. Everything is made by the husband and wife owners, fresh sauces and pasta. No menu, you just eat what they're cooking that day. Very reasonable, simple, friendly, like you've been transported to a small restaurant in a small Italian village. See restaurantica for details.

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      A time in Sarnia as a Travelling Musical Instrument salesman, a look at Sarnia had me head across the Border to Port Huron, found a great Music Bar with Band, great Food, stayed 5 days and on the side got some International Sales of some unique music items. It's great that you are giving advice on Sarria as my last much later trip through Port Huron, left me lost with the development! You're right, gotta be great places in Sarnia now!

    2. For fine dining I go with Maison St. Aubin. Great classic French food and a nice atmosphere. The only downside is that the host can be a bit in your face.
      The 'fanciest' place in Sarnia is On The Front. They have a spectacular room with a view of the river/lake. I loved it years ago when I lived in the area, but I've heard that their food has gone sharply downhill since I was last there. Also they are really pricey.

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        I was going to suggest On The Front as well, but haven't been there in years, so I can't vouch for the quality anymore.

      2. new to this site and was browsing, started to type up some info and noticed this post is a couple months old now.... anyway, maybe someone browsing around can use this info:

        Limbo Louge (downtown, on Christina) is a relatively new restaurant, opened a year or so ago. Food was pretty good.
        Olives on London Line also has decent menu and their food quality seems to be quite consistent.
        Agree with the posters above, Maison St Aubin has great food and On the Front food quality is not as good as a couple of years ago.