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Aug 12, 2008 06:05 PM

Best Restaurant in Toledo

Or around there. I'm passing through on the 24th. Doesn't have to be fancy, just delicious. Thanks.

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  1. Ciao for Italian
    Budapest for ethnic hungarian
    Poco Piatti for Tapas
    Tony Packos for world famous hot dogs
    Mancys/Navy Bistro/Real Seafood are all vastly overrated, IMO.

    My recommendation would be Ciao, by far.

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    1. re: uhockey

      Good suggestions. Haven't tried Ciao, but will. We seem to be on the same page gastronomically...except for Poco Piatti. Blah! Have you tried The Beirut or Revolver in Findlay? Love to hear your opinions on these, too. Both are among my favorites in the Toledo area.

      1. re: thtart

        Tried Beiruit many years ago and remember liking it.

        Ciao is better than any of the Italian in Toledo, or in Cbus (aside from Rigsby's.)

        I think I must've just had a good experience at Poco......many seem to dislike it.

    2. Jing Chuan or Yang's Gourmet House for Chinese.

      (and Cake in a Cup for cupcakes, although they're closed on Mondays.)

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      1. re: fensterz

        Flower Drum is actually the best Chinese in Town, by far. :-)

        Grape Leaf is another uniquely-Toledo place

        Smucker's for pie......and pie ONLY.

        1. re: fensterz

          15 years ago I lived very close to Jing Chuan and it was my favorite restaurant. I haven't been there for a long time. It is nice to hear that it is still good.

        2. I agree with Ciao for Italian. I will also mention 3 that I always recommend - The Beirut for world class Lebanese; Saigon Bistro for good Vietnamese; and Indian Jewel of Toledo for nice Indian. If you narrow down your likes and dislikes there are others.

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          1. re: sammy o

            BEIRUT and TONY PACKOS go hand in hand as the ultimate toledo "passing through" must-visit restaurants imo!

            in fact, if i had to choose only one i often say PACKOS is the one must-visit for all of ohio.

            ps -- if you want lake erie perch or walleye jump off the highway and hit THE JOLLY ROGER, another ultimate ohio classic in nearby port clinton.

            note -- these are casual restaurants, not fine dining.

            1. re: mrnyc

              What do you recommend at Packos?

              1. re: CityGal

                Clearly the Polish sausage with Packo's sauce and some Pickles and Peppers.

                Honestly, the food isn't that good.....I don't like hotdogs or sausage.....but the place is like Pink's in LA, or Magnolia in NYC, or the Cheesesteak places in Philly......they're famous and overrated, but worth checking out when you're in town, if only for the nostalgia.

                1. re: uhockey

                  Ah, good to know, Michael U. Gracias! I just relocated to the 419 remember? :D (Just got a new username on Chowhound.)

                  1. re: CityGal

                    The 419 extends too far and jumps around.....besides, I took my 419 with me.

                    Happy birthday.

                  2. re: uhockey

                    huh? when it comes to the sausages, hotdogs, sauce, pickles, condiments and chili PACKOS is much more than nostalgia, it's standout. true, the stuffed cabbage and the other sandwich stuff is just ok.

                    still, it's not hard for first time visitors to order wisely, one look at the signed hotdog buns tells you why you are there.