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Aug 12, 2008 05:58 PM

Seriously, no squid in Denver supermarkets?

I've been to 3 now—Sunflower, Whole Foods (one of the smaller branches), and King Soopers. At WF they told me it doesn't move around here so they don't carry it and that I should try Marczyk's, for crying out loud. I can't believe I can't get squid in a regular supermarket in a major city. Anyone know why, or for that matter know otherwise?

Perhaps I'd fare better at one of the bigger Asian markets, but still...

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  1. I'm not up to speed on the ethinic markets in DEN these days, but a good Asian market might have them. Also, any big latino markets?

    Otherwise, it's true that Denver is a big city but really fresh seafood needs to be flown in and that's expensive. Folks in landlocked CO, PHX, Vegas, etc. will pay that premium if eating out, so most sushi and fish places have good fare. But the avg. supermarket caters to those wandering the aisles, looking for deals. If they do have raw stuff, it's most likely slamon, shrimp and other fast-moving, popular fare.

    And you have to concede that raw squid takes some skill and/or knowledge to prep and also to cook, which really reduces the buying pool. It might be easier to find a restaurant that has a wholesale supplier and see if they'll sell you a few on the side.

    1. The lack of squid has been very annoying - most groceries in DC and Boston that I remember always had squid, previously frozen or frozen, whole or cleaned. Foodmaster used to even have big octopus wrapped into a thing the size of a bowling ball and frozen. Safeway does have a frozen seafood medley bag that contains squid, maybe octopus, shrimp, and some kind of mussel or clam, I think. But for just squid, I know POM (the POM in Broomfield anyway) has a large variety of frozen squids - big squids, little squids, squid rings, squid tentacles, squid balls, etc. The seafood ball products are fun for soups - like meatballs made out of cuttlefish or whatever. Which reminds me to investigate the back of my freezer soon....I think there are some shrimp balls back there somewhere.

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        Thanks guys. POM? I'm either blanking on the acronym or I don't know it. Are there any in Denver?

        1. re: tatamagouche

          I think it's Pacific Ocean Mart....

      2. I would try Pacific Ocean Mart next to Super Star Asian. They have an amazing selection of seafood, and is also one of the only places in town that you can get live lobster anymore.

        In the past, I've also seen squid at the Whole Foods in Cherry Creek. I've never seen it at Marczyk (also, as an fyi, do not buy lobster from Marczyk's the few times a year that they carry it).

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          Got it. Will do.

          Good to know about the CC WF too. The one I went to near Wash Park is a small one.

          Why no lobster from M's?

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            I think the mother of all Denver area Whole Foods is on Hamden, east of I-25. It's enormous, which is not to say that means it carries squid. I wonder whether the sushi restaurants that serve squid have it flown in just for them -- or whether one of the seafood wholesalers in Denver also carries it and may be able to provide a retail source.

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              You could also try the WF on Hampden. It's a much bigger (and nicer IMO) store. The one near Wash Park and the one on Colorado both used to be smaller Wild Oats stores and just don't have nearly the variety that the bigger stores have.

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                They don't have a tank, and they only carry it seasonally. They have a hard time keeping them alive when they are in stock. We bought two for New Year's Eve two years ago. Even though they were still alive, they were hanging on by threads. The ended up so mushy they were inedible. We do whole lobster almost every year (but this is the one time we bought them from Marczyk), and it's the only time they've been bad.

            2. Another good Asian market is H Mart. It's in a shopping center on Havana and Parker. Lots of good Korean restaurants around that part of town