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Dining Alone in SD

I am coming to SD Thursday, and will be alone for Thurs evening/Friday while my other half is in a conference. Can someone recommend a place where a person would feel comfortable eating alone? Perhaps somewhere there is a bar/counter? Staying in Hillcrest but I'll have a car so I ultimately I don't care what part of town it's in, I just want some great food! Thanks in Advance!

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  1. There are a ton of restaurants in Hillcrest and in many of them you'd be comfortable eating alone. I eat out a lot by myself and I've eaten at many of these solo.

    The Better Half on University between 1st and 2nd would be a good choice
    Ortega's next door has a nice bar, food can be a little uneven, but they generally treat people pretty well.
    Chilango's across the street is small and intimate...well as intimate as a place with red walls can be
    Terra in the Uptown shopping center - University and Vermont - has a nice bar, an even nicer patio and the food is usually good.
    Bite on University around Richmond
    Cafe Eleven across the street from Bite
    Cafe One-Three on Park Blvd. near El Cajon
    Lei Lounge on Park Blvd just before Adams
    Jayne's Gastropub on 30th just before Adams
    Mayahuel on Adams
    Arrividerrechi (which is probably grossly misspelled) on 5th (or is it 4th)
    Urban Solace on 30th
    The Linkery on 30th
    Sea Rocket Bistro on 30th (they have a communal dining table if that's of interest)

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      I have been to most of the places listed above, and they are great recommendations. As an SD local I also recently found myself stuck dining alone (thanks to jury duty), and chose Cafe Chloe in the "East Village"--which is adjacent to Gaslamp District. Cafe Chloe has a wonderful vibe, equally pleasing food, and friendly wait staff. The cuisine is French inspired, with seafood and red meat offerings, and delicious appetizers. So, this is my recommendation to you. I belive it is on 9th Ave and G St.

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            I'll slap a four down and raise one to the oyster bar at the Fish Market downtown...
            Dobson's for the mussel bisque and a couple of cocktails and if Paul/owner is working the door, he is always good for some interesting conversation.

    2. Thank you all for the recommendations! When we are eating together, we're likely to sample as many Taquerias as possible (will search this site for what I'm sure is an ongoing discussion). But, on my own I wanted something that would occupy more of my evening: )

      1. I like to sit at the Bar at Dobsons. Dobsons is adjacent to Horton Plaza. They a known for their muscle bisque. Get the bowl. The bartenders are extremely attentive, and the place is lively, you will feel very comfortable.

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            sorry parker alum, posted a response to wrong cher - had to delete...but you still have me guessing.

          2. When I was in SD last week, I had a great dinner at Sushi Ota. Some have been critical of the service (I didn't have a reservation and the hostess made me promise to finish in an hour) but the sushi was incredible. We have great sushi in NY, but I have never tasted fish so fresh. I was surprised at the bill - I expected it to be a lot more expensive. One caveat - if you are looking for a place with a hip atmosphere, then this is definitely not for you.

            1. I like sitting at the very stylish oyster bar at Oceanaire Seafood Room downtown.

              1. The bar at Farmhouse is another great place for solo dining. We even prefer it to regular seating when there are 2 or 3 of us since it seems a bit easier to have a conversation.

                1. I have returned to Seattle and wanted to give a note of thanks to all who replied. I chose The Better Half for my solo dining night. It was a good suggestion; I loved the lamb lollipops and bread pudding. The duck confit cigars were not a big hit with me. I love duck and had high hopes for that dish! I thought the prices here were just a bit on the high side Service was lovely. We stopped in the next night for dessert.

                  We ate at Chilango's across the street and thought for the price, the food was outstanding. Service was very friendly, and since they forgot to bring our drinks until the food arrived, they were on the house. I may have cared more if I hadn't just come from happy hour.

                  I only got to try one taco truck, and chose Mariscos German. Loved it. I believe I remember reading that they have a sit-down location and thought that's where i was heading. I was not disappointed to find a truck, just surprised :) I had fish tacos and shrimp quesadilla, loved both, and I was pleased to find that our taquerias in the Northwest compare favorably to SD!

                  Thanks again to all!

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                    glad you had a great time and thank you for reporting back!
                    Doesn't Mariscos German just kick ass..one of the best ever.

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                      You might have headed to the sitdown place -- it was closed much of this week for a remodel so they put a truck in the lot...

                      Should be reopened by now.

                    2. Bully's in Mission Valley has single seating at the "low bar" where I've met some very interesting people and shared some fun conversations.

                      1. This may sound silly but when I dine alone I bring a book. It is amazing how it changes the way people stare at you. It makes you go from being a crazy loner to mysteriously intriguing !

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                          I always take a book, too! What a difference it makes and, more importantly, I enjoy myself because I am not simply sitting. (I'm sure there is something deep inside my soul that makes it hard for me to sit by myself silently for long periods of time; in lieu of solving that mystery, I like reading!)