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Aug 12, 2008 05:27 PM

MSP - Jun Bo Closed?

as ive mentioned in my posts im not currently a TC resident, but ill be back full time in a few weeks . . .

any info on this? Andrew Zimmern's blog as of today he notes "Jun Bo is supposedly closed"

i know that some folks think it probably belongs in the as-well-liked-as-it-is-cause-its-the-only-game-in-town basket, but its still a pretty suprising demise. if for no other reason than i would have thought id have heard it here first . . . unless it wasn't true?

anyone have any confirmatory facts for this rumor?

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  1. They are alive and well and answering their phone. Zimmern's information seems to be off.


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      TDQ - you seem to be the gal in the know so I'm hoping you can answer this almost-related question about dim sum. I read the thread about your group experience at Mai Village a couple years ago. I wonder if you remember anything about the vegetarian options for dim sum there? Or dim sum in general? Will a vegetarian be disappointed, or is there enough there to make it worth her while?


      1. re: valgal67

        Oh, I don't think I'm especially in the know. I'm only the gal in the know on Jun Bo because I took 5 minutes out of my day to google "Jun Bo Richfield MN" to get their phone number and then dial said phone number and wait for someone to answer. This was 5 minutes Zimmern apparently couldn't spare. Unless, perhaps, by his comment about their supposedly shuttered doors he was referring to some kind of exterior remodeling he'd heard they'd supposedly done. ;-)

        RE: Mai Village dim sum. I would hate to discourage you from going to Mai Village for dim sum based on one ho hum experience I had there a year and a half ago...(sadly, I haven't been back since.) There was at least one vegetarian at that chowdown, so, maybe if you're really lucky, perhaps that person can chime in? If my memory serves me correctly, I think Jim Grinsfelder is a fan of the dim sum at Mai Village and, again, maybe he'll chime in?

        Nevertheless: my impression is that, except for dessert, dim sum is not a particularly vegetarian-friendly meal to begin with, though perhaps that's just the way I order with the chicken feet and shrimp dumplings and pork dumplings and so on. As far as Mai Village's dim sum in particular, the two stand-out dishes for me from that one visit were the tripe (not vegetarian!) and some kind of turnip cake or taro cake or something along those lines that they griddled on the cart right in front of us. That cake, whatever it was, would seem to me to be pretty veg friendly. In addition, most places that serve dim sum usually offer one or several varieties of vegetable dumplings (mushroom, etc.) I don't remember any of those things in particular from my visit to Mai Village--I don't know if that's because they didn't have them, we didn't order them, or they were unmemorable.

        You could also probably order from their regular menu to supplement your meal--I recall a fine mock duck dish, various bean curd dishes, and vegetarian spring rolls. One thing you might do, if you can, is call ahead and make a reservation for dim sum, letting them know that you have a vegetarian along and ask if they might make sure to have some veg friendly options. Also, when you arrive, you can always ask for specific dishes if you know what you want and I wouldn't be surprised if they brought them out for you.

        I hope that helps! If you do go, please report back. It's time we had an update!


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          I have not been to Mai Village for dim sum. I have been there for their Vietnamese food, and it was pretty ho-hum, too. Not bad, by any means. Just not exceptional.

          I have a new favorite dim sum spot. Yangtze in St. Louis Park is really good. My impression is that they use a lot of fresh herbs, so the dumplings all have unique, really memorable flavors. I like Jun Bo well enough, but everything sort of tastes the same there.

          1. re: Jordan

            I've had Dim Sum at Mai Village, Jun Bo and Mandarin Kitchen. I think Jun Bo's not so good. Mai Village is not bad and Mandarin Kitchen was better than Mai Village by a bit.

            I haven't tried Yangtze, I'll have to get out there. Maybe tomorrow.

            1. re: JimGrinsfelder

              Jim, Mandarin Kitchen is better than Yangtze.

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