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Wedding locations in Northeast PA

My daughter wants to get married in NEPA-near New Milford/Montrose/Jackson-
We're looking for a scenic location for the ceremony. If we can also find a location for the reception at the same place or nearby, that would be wonderful. We are also interested in receiving recommendations for caterers/restaurants/wedding reception locations with food that is highly rated for taste and price. Since we don't live in this area-wea re open to suggestions.

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  1. A few years ago, I attended an outdoor wedding at Salt Springs Park, which is just outside of Montrose. The reception was held elsewhere. http://www.friendsofsaltspringspark.org/

    1. I spent a wonderful weekend at the Hotel Fauchere in Milford and would highly recommend their food. If you search for user:mmruth title:fauchere, you should find my post about it.


      1. Hi:

        Sorry for the interruption, but wedding locations, per se, are beyond the scope of our site. Please help us keep things on topic by discussing great places/caterers for the reception.


        1. You might want to consider Ehrhardt's, Rt. 507, in Hawley. It is a lakefront resort at Lake Wallenpaupack. I know of someone who was married there and was pleased with the wedding. My wife and I have stopped there for lunch at various times over the years (plus we did stay overnight once) and have always enjoyed our meal. Sorry I can't speak for dinner or catering from personal experience, but this might give you an option. While I have also enjoyed lunch at Hotel Fauchere in Milford, we thought the asking price for rooms in the hotel was far too high.

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            When we went, there was a package deal that included two breakfasts and dinner, as well as a bottle of wine in the room, which made it seem relatively reasonable - in this case it was for my 40th birthday, and so a special occasion. Just checked their website though, and it looks as if the prices have gone up a bit since then.

          2. my brither was married on the top of elk mountain in the summer. There is a small road requiring 4-wheel drive that goes around the back and requires the permission of the owners but advenurous and a great view. Very close is Stonebridge (has website) that has some lovely rooms , a restaurant, and nice grounds...also scenic.

            1. Yeah, I would recommend Stonebridge for location/catering. We married there 8 years ago - fabulous food and location - though the chef has changed several times. Consider calling Epicurean Delight for catering. They're in Tunk, PA - my husband, with a business in Montrose, uses them and the food is fantastic.

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                We are planning now to have the reception, and possibly the ceremony, at Stone Bridge Inn. We have heard about a small chapel/church in this area, built in the 1800's. Do you know anything about this church? Thank you!!

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                  I'm not aware of the chapel/church you described (I lived in that area for 10 years) though there are many a country church in Susquehanna county. Don't hesitate to call Glenn Junior, the manager of Stone Bridge. If he doesn't know, the owners are long time residents of the area, so they most likely can tell you more.

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                    Glenn Junior told me the name of the church. It is Welsh Hill Congregationalist Church. Thanks very much.

              2. Oh yes, and consider the Crystal Lake Hotel for location and/or catering. Excellent Italian/American.

                1. Have you checked out The Settlers Inn in Hawley....great food,great service. Really lovely inn and grounds....you can have the wedding and reception there . The baked goods are sooo good. They also cater. They really are full service with excellent quality.
                  I would recommend checking them out for sure

                  1. Stroudsmoor Country Inn in Stroudsburg is off Rt. 80 and a little south of the area you are referring to, but I can't say enough good things about it. I had my wedding there and we had the ceremony onsite on the edge of a cliff. The reception building had a great view. They have a few buildings to choose from. The food is awesome. We even had our rehearsal dinner there and many guests stayed the whole weekend, ending with brunch on Sunday.