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Aug 12, 2008 05:09 PM

Veggie Burger at 8oz any good? What about Father's Office?

2 part question:

Anyone tried the veggie burger at 8OZ? Thinking of going there this week. I prefer the realistic/meaty variety of veggie burgers to the hunks-of-veggie/gardenburger style, but I'm open to whatever (i.e. I like 25 Degrees for the sauces and cheeses, not the veggie pattie).

Finally, what about Father's Office? I wanna go for the beer, but is there anything vegetarian?

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  1. What kind of vegetarian are you? If you're pescatarian, FO's has excellent mussels and a great soft shell crab dish as specials. They also have a fantastic mushroom salad sometimes as a special, a cheese plate, olives/almonds and their famous sweet potato fries. They definitely don't have a veggie burger, though.

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      They've also had a really, really good beet salad recently.

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        yeah, my gal and I eat fish, so we should be cool. Thanks

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          The veggie burger at 80z is a lot like the one served up at Colony Cafe on Pico. It's not a Boca burger nor one of those other garden veggie burger brands. Get that a couple beers, and a the fried wisconsin cheese curds, and some truffle fries and you'll be good to go.

    2. Went to 8 Oz. on Saturday. The veggie burger is really delicious. In terms of the patty, it's way more interesting/bigger than the one at 25 Degrees. Comes with lotsa fixings, including avocado, so no need to add anything except maybe some cheese (it's great with Humbolt Fog). In fact, I'm going to go get one tonight because after writing this I'm craving it.

      Here's a picture I took of my veggie burger on Saturday:

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        1. Hands down the best veggie burger I've ever had are the homemade 'Power Burgers" at the Country Kitchen in Malibu. On PCH, just north of Las Flores in little strip mall. It's a take out burger place run by an ex entertainment industry florist. They are made with broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts....all kinds of yummy stuff. I of course, ruin the vegetarian perfectness with cheddar cheese on top, but to each their own. Don't miss them. We are addicted and there once a week.