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Aug 12, 2008 05:08 PM

Help! Have Roasted chicken breasts and don't know what to do for dinner....!

I have 4 roasted lemon chicken breasts from whole foods. I don't want to heat up the house with prep but I need a side to go with this...thinking just broccoli steamed and some pasta but hoping for some ideas for something more interesting! I don't know what to make anymore! Thanks -

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    1. How 'bout shredding those breasts, adding some cool crunchy veggies like cukes, lettuce, maybe shredded carrots/cabbage, etc. and wrapping them in tortillas with some peanut butter spiked/thinned with lime juice, soy or fish sauce, grated ginger, a little brown sugar and maybe hot sauce??

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        Thanks! - I don't have any any loettuce or cukes but I always have tortillas in the house - am going to buy lettuce and cukes tomorrow and that will be dinner! Maybe cobb salad tomorrow night and tortillas with chicken the next... :-) (we eat a lot of prepared chicken breasts in the summer) -

      2. This will involve very little prep :) but I usually shred them up, dump it into soup pan, with a can of black beans, chicken broth, dash of cumin, coriander leaves, chopped tomatoes (or anything else you like). Super filling thick soup and some toasted bread (or tortilla chips) to go along with it.

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          ooh that sounds delicious - and something I would love in the winter too when I want soup but don't have the energy to make a batch - Thanks!