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Aug 12, 2008 04:36 PM

$910 grapes

I thought there would already be a post on this, but was not able to find one. A couple of days ago, one bunch of grapes sold for $910 in Japan. $26 a grape. It's a new variety, Ruby Roman, they look like cherry tomatoes. They're "well balanced."

What would you spend for a grape? I'd go up to $5 for a peach, but peaches are a lot bigger than grapes! I'd looove to try one, though.

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  1. Those grapes are more along the line of a high end luxury gift than they're simple fresh fruit. It's hard to grasp for Americans, but fresh fruit is expensive in Japan, and coupled with their tradition of expensive gifts that show off on behalf of the giver, those grapes are no mere grapes!

    That said, I've paid somewhere up to $15/pound for fruit that's not grown here, but I just really want to eat when it's in season in say, CA, then shipped here. It's worth it to me to splurge a little on something I'll only enjoy a few times a year at most. I'm considering spending $50 on a case of Emerald Beaut plums to be shipped from CA, because I'm unlikely to visit the state during their short season this year. I haven't yet justified that expense to myself, though I'm working up a story...

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      Surely there's such a thing as grotesque conspicuous consumption in every culture, though? Whether it's Kobe beef or Chateau Lafite or whatever, isn't there a point at which it stops being about the wish to try a new flavor and starts being about wishing to try it first, wishing to show you have the means to try it first, to possess it, etc.?

      Despite my tone, this actually isn't a rhetorical question...

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        I am always and ever so grateful that I live in California, land of bounty.

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          Amyzan, It is not uncommon for Sushi chefs in Japan to pay more than $30,000 for a single Tuna fish.

          1. re: Leper

            leper, i'm curious how much profit they make on that tuna, though.....

            i'm not a sashimi expert, so i have no idea how many thin little slices one would carve from that tuna, and no idea about price per slice.

            1. re: alkapal

              I read an article about Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market that set you can get about 10,000 pieces of sushi off a good-sized (700 or so pounds) tuna.

            2. re: Leper

              This is incorrect. It is the wholesalers who will pay for single tuna at auction for that sort of price. Sushi chefs or shops buy portions of that tuna. They may pay several thousand dollars for portions, depending on quality and price/kg mark-up by the wholesaler.

          2. This sort of thing happens all the time, and never ceases to amuse American media:


            1. Call me ignorant, but that is unbelievable. Are they miracle grapes?