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What to eat at The Keg? . . . I've had no luck in the past...

Hey Guys,

I'm not a huge fan of The Keg but a bunch of old classmates of mine have settled on going there on Friday night . . . are there any menu items that are CHOW worthy that I should order while I'm there . . . . I love all foods so I'm open to anything on the menu . . . Give me your favorites!!


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  1. I've always found their prime rib is better than average and a safe bet.

    1. I love that place, it's a guilty pleasure... I like the mushroom neptunes, the escargot, french onion soup and the baseball sirloin... hopefully not all in the same sitting... when in Rome...

      1. I always go for the prime rib. Like rsvp said, its a safe bet and definetly above average.

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          I agree the prime rib is always excellent at Keg Mansion, but not so at some other Keg locations....won't recommend it at the Richmond Hill location.

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            hm thats good to know. I have only ever been to the mansion. I guess I assumed everything was standardized, but I guess thats not true. Are the prices different at the other kegs?

        2. I had the prime rib last time; it was fine, but all the sides and the apps we ordered were so salty I was dehydrated for two days. It all tasted like the cook drowned them in salt and some sort of "mrs. dash" uberspice.

          To me, the best bet at the Keg is the trio of mini burgers on the bar menu. They each have a different topping, and because they're small, they're actually nice and juicy. It would probably take 2 or 3 orders to make a full meal, though, and you're friends might look at you pretty weird for that one ;)

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            We always order the mini burgers too. I like the onion frites that come with them.

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              I usually get the sliders (mini-burgers) and then the "Keg sized" nachos. They are both delicious and it's a whole meal. But yes, those sliders are the best thing on the whole menu. That and a martini!

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                Hot name. But I find that they freeze the beef for their burgers and have seen on more than two occasions freezer burn. I stick to the steaks as they are usually cooked right. Baseball sirloin medium rare is nice.

          2. Plain old steak, whichever cut you prefer. There's no point in getting fancy as the Keg really only does plain old steak (alternately, plain old prime rib) particularly well.

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              Plain old steak. Prime rib is ok. Whatever you do, don't order the blue cheese steak.

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                Why not? I like the blue cheese steak with the heaviest red wine I can get. I don't go often enough to call it a guilty pleasure, but it would be if I did! Recently had the same thing (steak with blue cheese on top) at Ruth's Chris in Chicago and loved it there as well. Felt a bit sick afterwards (just because of the fat content: my diet is generally low in fat), but I'd do it again 2nite if I could :).

            2. Lobsterfest is on until the 17th, I believe, and if your into that, you can score a two-pounder for $39

              1. I like the tempura snap(?) peas. I'm not sure exactly sure what green vegetable it is but I like it as a starter and it's a pretty big portion.

                I find the steaks are always hit or miss so I usually opt for the fajitas.

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                  I agree. Cant go wrong with fajittas or mini burgers. Steaks are never any good, same with most items on the lunch menu, salads and sandwiches are disappointing.

                2. Prime rib, prime rib, prime rib. It's all I ever get there. Oh, and their escargot are great.

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                    Me too. I can't stand their steaks, the appetizers are all awful, the desserts are big and bland, the burgers (at lunch) are dry like sawdust, but they have the best prime rib in town. Not just best for the price, but the best period.

                    So I always order the onion soup (the least bad of the appetizers) and a prime rib dinner with baked potato, and a couple of martinis.

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                      I've never had much luck with their steaks either. Agree about the french onion soup too -- I've had it, but can't remember much about it. Which at least says it wasn't terrible! I usually get one of their PR classic dinners, and never have room for dessert after.

                      I'd actually like to retract my rec for the escargot. I did enjoy them a lot the one time I had them, but I was also starving, so it was likely not the most balanced of perspectives. I mean, at that point, anything drowned in butter would taste fantastic.

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                        It's going to be pretty hard to find a restaurant that doesn't use canned snails, pressed garlic, and butter baked in a dish. Having said that, escargot is a safer bet than some dishes.

                  2. For the price-point I think they make a great steak. I have the baseball sirloin Chicago/Kansas style (charred on the outside) and that's just perfect with a caesar salad. Sure the rib-eye at Morton's is great, but you aren't paying $26 for that either.

                    Go and have fun.

                    1. The prime rib at the Yonge/Sheppard location is pretty bad. In fact the last time i went there (a few weeks ago) everyone complained that their meat was sub-par.

                      I hear they have great nachos :)

                      1. The Keg is what it is. A reliable good quality steak house/bar. I have eaten there 100s of times(no lie) Mushrooms neptune, a good bloody caesar, great value sirloins and low mark up wines. what I like about them best, they make sure they address customer complaints properly. Stray from the menu core and you will miss out

                        1. as stated earlier, the prime rib is amazing as is the baseball sirloin. tempura peas are a great app as are the muchrooms neptune. you can never go wrong the the keg. decent food, decent price. just skip the fries or baked potato......the garlic mash is really, really good.

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                            I like the baked potato actually, its not too bad and great for dipping in any juices from the meat on your plate :)

                            I will have to try the tempura peas.

                            If I don't get the prime rib then I usually get the "Keg Sized NY Striploin"... And yeah, chicago style is pretty awesome as long as its not over done

                          2. I read it a bunch of times on this post but i would have to agree, the Prime Rib is my go to menu item every time... Try the twice baked potato as a side.

                            1. Ok - this is important!!!

                              The only real way to eat any steak at the Keg is "Chicago" style. They have it on the menu as a way of cooking (under the rare to well-done list). This means they actually flavour the meat, then sear the outside of the meat really well. This inside can be any way you want it but I recomend rare as it will come out medium rare then. It actaully turns out to be quite a good steak that way!

                              Let us know how it goes.

                              1. Agree with everyone prime rib, but save room for some Billy Minor pie, that is a great dessert!

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                                    It's quite ridiculously delicious. No fine European pastry but perfect after steak and potatoes.

                                    Mocha ice cream on a chocolate crust, with hot fudge, caramel and almonds.

                                1. Can I actually add a tag-along question? I agree with everyone here who's replied, "Prime rib, prime rib, prime rib." That's all I ever order (with the odd app). but here's the weird thing: Until recently, I had never been disappointed. Until recently. But the past two times I've been (Keg Mansion, both times), the prime rib has been, well, less than stellar. In addition to being extremely gristly, there was next to no flavour.

                                  Now, both of these times were very early in the evening (say somewhere between 4:30 and 5:30 maybe). Could that have anything to do with it? I know next to nothing about meat, but I was speculating that maybe the cuts nearer the mid-section (?) would be better, and that it would be a worthwhile endeavor to aim for a 7:30-8:30 start next time.

                                  Any advice would be much appreciated.

                                  1. Skip the apps - say you want the steak dinner - that comes with a decent caesar salad - keg size your steak - damn fine!

                                    You can get a NY strip or regulat sirloin - with twice baked potato - or whatever you want as a side - with onion strings that comes with the caesar salad. Not even on the menu and they barely charge anymore than the regular NY strip dinner. Add like $7.00 - thats with the keg sized steak.

                                    This experience is only at the Keg Mansion though - which is way above the rest!

                                    Billy Miner Pie should not be missed!

                                    1. I agree that the locations vary wildly in quality. For me, the York street one is best for averaging both quality, ambiance, and service [and FYI the one in St. John's is terrible on all three, but of course you won't be going to that one!]. My regular is the bacon wrapped scallops to start, and a medium-rare filet classic dinner [I find their sirloins aren't good]. This leaves me too stuffed for dessert, but I concur with other posters about the Billy minor pie if you're so inclined.

                                      1. Thanks Everyone,

                                        Sorry I didn't reply earlier but I just havn't been on the CHOW lately . . . I think I'm going to go with the the Tempura Peas and then It's going to be a Chicago style rare Keg Sized striploin with the double baked on the side . . . going to skip the dessert as it's not my thing...

                                        I'll report back on how it went...


                                        1. So...We had our night out at the Keg and it was actually pretty decent . . . The Tempura Snap Peas and Asparagus was nicely covered in a very light batter with a nice sauce to dip into . . . I then went for the Keg sized NY Strip Chicago style and ordered it rare...you guys were right . . . it came out just under medium rare which was perfect and it was very well charred on the outside with good seasoning . . . my side was the twice baked potato which was also a good call . . . the ceasar salad was also pretty good too . . .

                                          all in all a good meal with good friends

                                          Thanks for the recs..


                                          P.S. They also make a really good mojito at the keg as well!!

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                                            Thanks (to Chickadee too) for the tip about Chicago style temperatures. I'd always order steaks Chicago style, and then be frustrated when they came out overdone. The waiters never mentioned ordering one step cooler, but I will be sure to try again next time I eat there. Glad you had a nice meal!

                                          2. I have been to The Keg over 100 times over the years, and it is my favourite place of choice...also, I usually go there on a first date.. :) anyway, I don't even have to look at the menu, as I ALWAYS get The Baseball Sirloin, rare, Chicago.....nuff said...

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                                              I usually get the classic sirloin with caesar salad and garlic mash. It's one of the less expensive things on the menu and I've always found it quite enjoyable. I'll have to try it "Chicago style" next time.

                                            2. I've never had bad luck at the Keg. Great almost cheap food.

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                                                Went to the Keg Mansion last night with six other ladies to celebrate the 60th birthday of one of the ladies. The ambience was wonderful, the drinks were great and the service was good. The restaurant was jam packed on a Wednesday night. The food was so salty that it was in my opinion inedible. I thankfully ordered the teriyaki sauce on the side and it was pure salt. The steak itself was salty. I ordered a side of Mediterranean Calamari which was offered for an additional $4. It did consist of calamari, diced tomatoes, olives and feta cheese, which are salty. I have been to The Keg on York Street on many occasions, mostly for lunch, but also for a dinner or two, and I find the standard of control of the food in the kitchen to be of a much higher level. We all had a wonderful time and the birthday girl was delilghted, but the food was less than spectacular!

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                                                  BASEBALL, Baseball, BASEBALL forgedaboudit!